Taeyang for MCM?

And the mystery of the ever present man-bags is solved… must be sponsored y’all.  Unless I am imagining it and the little MOMOT cartoon in this MCM satellite store opening PV (and another video here) is based on some other tilted new era wearing , mohawk sporting, sunglasses wearing hottie? MCM FB video says so. Maybe it’s just coincidence then.

From the MCM blog c/o negimax8 on YT.

Thanks to bigbangupdates for the heads up.

And here is Taeyang with MCM MOMOT paper doll on a previous MCM store visit.  (From the MCM Korea twitter.) Look familiar?


3 thoughts on “Taeyang for MCM?”

    1. Haha. It was the tilted hat really that got me. How many people regularly wear their caps like that? Even if it is not supposed to be him, the combination of cap, mohawk, aviators and jawline (plus the baseball jacket and sneakers in other pictures) definitely make you think of him.

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