Taeyang is NOT part of the 2011 Pentaport Rock Festival Line Up (Updated)

Update: The Pentaport website has been updated with an announcement and apology that YG Artists are no longer included in the festival lineup due to disagreements between the artists, sponsor and festival organizers.

Summer is getting hotter – Taeyang is performing at the 2011 Pentaport Rock Festival! The 6th outing for the annual Festival will be held at Dreampark in Incheon on August 5-7. Last year’s festival was a huge success (included acts like Dir en Grey and Hoobastank among others) so I’m really excited for this one.

Aside from Taeyang, artists lined up for the 2011 festival include Korn, the Ting Tings, GD& Top, Wonderbird, No Brain, Garion, Schizo, Vassline, Parana, Idiotape, Galaxy Express,  The Black Skirts, Whangboryung=Smacksoft, Linus’ Blanket and Super 8 bit (and Boni among the rookies).

Tickets are available through Interpark.

More information at the Festival  website (with English and Japanese), Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks to YBMania and bigbangupdates for the heads up.

12 thoughts on “Taeyang is NOT part of the 2011 Pentaport Rock Festival Line Up (Updated)”

  1. Yay!!!! More YB performances!! Interesting line-up. Can’t wait to see how it goes. Hopefully the three hyungs will be performing at least one song together.

    And Boni? I sooooo hope that she hooks up with YB and surprises us with a song together!

    Korn, Ting Tings, and Plain White T’s? This also makes me freaking jealous.

    1. The lineup is really interesting but uh… Taeyang at a Rock Festival? Dunno how that is going to go. Would they rearrange the songs? Which songs would he sing? And more importantly, is SBS going to broadcast this? (Because broadcast means no banned songs and he keeps his shirt on… phooey.)

      In any case, any performance is welcome.. even if it ends up being Taeyang: the Rock Version. At the very least, it will be interesting. (Though Boni being there gives me some hope there will be an R&B stage somewhere for some unknown reason. And a possible meeting backstage – yes!)

      1. Hmm. Seems like Pentaport has updated their site and GD&Top and Taeyang are no longer in the line-up. Wonder what is going on. Will update you guys when we find out more…

  2. I remember one of my friends from a few years ago loved Korn since they were demonic or whatnot [idk if it’s true or whatever], but this is interesting.

    I wonder if Korn and YB would talk lol.

    Random, but idk. [=

  3. At first i’m confused when YB will perform at a rock festival and then i’m exicited as well. I miss his solo performances so much.
    Hope he will sing with a live band as Seoul Soul Fest<3.

  4. It’s called a rockfest but have had pop artists in the past and here are some other R&B artists on the lineup this year.

    This makes me sad as I already had my ticket TT__TT. Ottoke Is it worth fighting the crowds without yg fam idk

    1. Aww. You had tickets for all 3 days already? Maybe you can sell it or give it away if none of the other artists are appealing to you. Or decide based on the weather (because I’d skip it if it rained honestly.) Dreampark is pretty large though so its not as cramped as it was in the old venue. (I read that they had 27,000 people on the Saturday performance last year but it didnt feel crowded at all.)

  5. And to further confuse the issue, there is this article: http://news.nate.com/view/20110616n28859
    Supposedly, the first announcement including them in the lineup was the result of a miscommunication and YB ( and GD&Top) are definitely not part of the regular line up. They are however supposed to be part of a separate “special event stage.” Will just update the post when all the details are in since its pretty confusing at the moment.

  6. So what’s going on now? Are they out of the festival completely?

    And disagreements between the artists, sponsors, and organizers? I can’t even begin to comprehend what that means. I wonder what’s going on. YG or Pentaport needs to release more info!

    All I know is that I’m super sad. It would have been great to have YB perform at such a prestigious event. And, nt to mention, the fancams!

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