[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 4 TOP and G-Dragon

The next two collaborators need no introduction.  Aside from the work they’ve done together under Big Bang (namely Hallelujah and Ma Girl), T.O.P. and G-Dragon have worked with Taeyang on solo and sub-unit ventures.

To be honest, I loved Friend from the first listen and am baffled why it wasn’t as popular as I think it should be. (But then again, that’s my reaction to most things Taeyang.) I’d love to hear more from this partnership because I can definitely see the synergy in their work.

Top and Taeyang – Friend (Our Legend OST, 2009)
Fanmade MV by zerohundredlol

Korean Dream on the other hand, puzzled me at the beginning though the feeling has somewhat abated several live performances later. It’s a matter of taste of course, but this is one song where I think Taeyang’s voice wasn’t used to best advantage.

Gdragon (2009 Heartbreaker) – Korean Dream ft. Taeyang
uploaded by NiC0LaSK3nt
as performed at the 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun (along with Big Bang’s Lies)

And though we are not likely to forget, there is this….

Taeyang ft. GDragon – I Need A Girl (Solar, 2010)
Fanmade MV by fi55an

I love me some GDYB, but while I love the song, I’d love the song just as much without the rap honestly.  At this point they’ve both featured in each other’s albums, but I’m still waiting for the GDYB collaboration that will really bring out the best of them both.  Till then, my favorite GDYB collaboration remains this…

GDragon and YB Taekwon – Unfold at a Higher Place (YG Family 2nd Album, 2002)
Uploaded by RubberBM

Uploaded by jaoob1

Thanks to the uploaders.
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16 thoughts on “[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 4 TOP and G-Dragon”

  1. Omg I’m with you with him and tops song, friend. I love love that song the most. It’s too bad it wasn’t put on his album bc I bet it would’ve been more popular

  2. I think Friend is an extremely catchy song too. That was one of the first BigBang songs I heard, god that’s a good song. I don’t appreciate it like now, back then I just thought it was good music.

    Yea, GDYB duo or GDYBTOP, they must be saving that ace, haha.

    Hmm… I’ve been thinking. Maybe YB and GD want to keep their differences clear, I mean DISTINCTLY clear. Might be one reason YB stopped rapping. GD also stopped dancing and singing, mostly.

    1. hm, what you said about youngbae and gd wanting to keep their differences clear is really interesting! i never thought about it that way, but now that you brought it up, it seems very likely. gdragon is obviously very talented in dancing (i’m going to leave singing out because he does sing for his own solo album and stuff), but he doesn’t try to showcase it as much as youngbae does. i guess they each want the other to have something that others can admire them for, instead of possibly stealing some of that limelight.

      1. I think they are just really different and like different things – so they focus on what they like more (rather than each having a specific “turf”) I am sure they are conscious that people compare them a lot though so sometimes they emphasize that they are different (like with the black/white costuming in Korean Dream performances) but I don’t think it extends to what talents they want to show.

  3. I think the blend of Taeyang and TOP just works. Not just for ‘Friend’ but even with some Big Bang songs. ‘A Good Man’ nearing the end of the song where TOP and Taeyang’s part overlaps, it gave me chills the first few listens. And then there’s also a part in ‘Cafe’ where Taeyang and TOP overlap again (Note: TOP wrote both songs, so obviously he feels that it works too). The combination just works for me, more so than the GDYB pairing I so wanted to happen (But then got disappointed with Korean Dream).

  4. Friend is an AMAZING song… Like you BM, I don’t get why it wasn’t as popular as it should be… but that’s what it is with YB… = =”

    and I love GDYB’s early collabo, Korean Dream was off for me… YB’s voice was auto tuned to the extreme… so his unique vocals weren’t shown off.

    The TOPYB duo works real well. It’s the same for me when Dae and YB’s voice overlaps too, it just gives you the chills and goosebumps in an awesome way XD

  5. i agree with everyone about YB and TOP. i mean, did you guys hear how they harmonized in “love song”? that was honestly my favorite part of the song, and when they were promoting it in music shows, i was waiting for them to do it, but they didn’t.

    although i love both GD and TOP, i wanted a GDYB sub-unit first from big bang tbh. i just felt that the best friends should have an album together and work together just like the old times. but now, i dunno if they’ll even be a sub-unit at all, i kinda lost hope on that one.

    YB and TOP though, it’d be awesome if they did work more on some songs. i think it’d be a hit. 😀

  6. A YBTOP collabo is exactly what I’m hoping for YB on his next album. TOP’s voice just suits YB so much better than GD’s. “Friend” was freaking amazing. Their voices just go together so well. My favorite part of “Love Song” was YBTOP’s part. I never fail to repeat it when I listen to the song.

  7. Seems like most YB fans think alike ^___^ I’m totally on the same page with you guys when it comes to “Friend” and “Korean Dream”. I would love to hear something with 3xT (TrippleT) though. That’s what I call Bae, Tabi & Teddy =P

  8. Aren’t you guys forget about gdyb look only at me part 3 . Taeyang’s original look only at me . Part 2 was written by gdragon . Part 3 I guess you know . A collab song of both version ! That was purely amazing ! They perform it on gdragon’s shine a light concert .

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