[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 3 Kim Jo Han and YMGA

Kim Jo Han

Kim Jo Han is a Korean-American R&B singer, producer and actor. A former member of the group Solid, he is one of the pioneers in K-R&B and has numerous collaborations with singers in Kpop, both on record and behind the scenes as a producer. Taeyang featured in his last album in a duet.

Kim Jo Han – Should Have Loved You Less (2007, “Soul Family”)
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The hiphop duo of Young Men Gangsta’s Association (YMGA) composed of Masta Wu and DM released an album in 2008 that featured a lot of their label mates in YG Family in collaboration (most notably one with Uhm Jung Hwa.)  The following Brave Brothers produced track (co-composed by Masta Wu) featured Taeyang.

YMGA – Real Talk (2008, “Made in ROK”)
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The collaborations are a marked contrast in vocal and musical styles – and yet I think Taeyang did a great job with both. I think one of Taeyang’s greatest strengths as a singer is his ability to interpret and become immersed in the mood and storyline of a song (even those that may not seemingly be a “Taeyang” type of song.)  It’s served him well as a soloist but also makes him a good match in these (and other) collaborations.

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4 thoughts on “[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 3 Kim Jo Han and YMGA”

  1. I love the song with Kim Johan!!! I remember when I first heard that song I feel in love with it. I think YB’s voice was perfect in it

  2. i was waiting for you to feature the Kim JoHan collab , i really liked the song when i first heard it and searched everywhere for it’s lyrics … i was actually planning to ask if anyone got the translated lyrics …. i for some reason never thought of looking it up in a video 😛 thanks guys .

  3. Yay!!! Real Talk!!!! Love love love LOVE it!!! My favorite collab ever!!! I can never get over how great YB’s voice was in it. I knew it would pop up here somewhere! 😀

    Kim Jo Han and YB was also freaking amazing. These collabs make me wish YB did more!!!

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