[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 2 LEXY

Lexy is a solo female rap artist who debuted with YG Entertainment back in 2003 and formally left the company in 2007. During her stint with YG, she released 3 albums and did a number of collaborations with YG Family members including Se7en, 1TYM, Jinusean and Wheesung.

Taeyang collaborated with her on 3 songs from her 2007 album, Rush.

Get Up -Live on Mnet
Uploader: chiams

Get Up – Live on MBC
Uploader: lucky7yg


Uploader: Kpopcorner2

Superfly (with GD, Top and Taeyang)
Uploader: Kpopcorner2

And just for the giggles: Lexy with GDYB – I love you and Come out of there

I love the collaborations with Lexy because they showed how he started as a super shy kid who didn’t know what to do with himself while he rapped and evolved into a singer with that voice. The songs are really dope though – great collabs – and I do miss Lexy.

Thanks to the uploaders.
Next : Part 3 Kim Jo Han and YGMA

6 thoughts on “[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 2 LEXY”

  1. wow that photo of him with lexy shows how much he has matured! he looked like such a cute little boy next to his older sis hhee ❤ i love lexy her voice is amazing

  2. Ahhh Lexy! LOVED her!!! Wished she was still a part of YG. I missed her collabs with YB.

    This just brings back all of the memories!!!! Haha

  3. i wish there was eng sub for the last video 😦 😦 ! so cute to see the young yb!! ❤ thanks for sharing! and omgsh! gdyb! omgsh NEED TO COLLAB :'"""(

  4. I love Get Up. You can say that was the first time ever I heard taeyang’s voice but didn’t knew that it was him. I love that voice there, got totally hooked up to it.

  5. omg …. i miss this husky voice of his. he never sings in this vocal range anymore. love love love rush and his intro for lexy in get up. mmm, too sexy.

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