[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 1 Wheesung and Se7en

When things are slow here at ATY (i.e. when Taeyang is missing in action) we tend to become nostalgic and start digging through old files for ways to fill our Taeyang fix. Hence this series of features on Taeyang’s old collaborations, starting with some celebrated sunbaes.


R&B superstar Wheesung was a member of YG Family until 2006. As a sunbae to then trainee YoungBae, he was quoted in the show “The Secret” as being surprised at how YB changed from rapper to singer and how he used to be so shy.

“One thing that I thought he was missing was that he looked insecure, with no confidence. But one time I went to the practice room and I heard someone singing one of my songs so emotionally, I thought, “Who is it? Oh, he’s a rapper but switched to vocals? I thought.” But then almost a year after he had totally changed. I thought, “Ah his effort was worth the while.”

Trainee YB Taekwon featured on the studio version of Wheesung’s Prayer as a rapper, though unfortunately never performed it live.

Wheesung – Prayer ft. YB Taekwon (“It’s Real”, 2003)


Se7en debuted with YG entertainment in 2003 and is famous for his superior live performances with his smooth tenor and impressive dance skills. He is one of the closest people to Taeyang (as evidenced in this TMI moment) and one of his biggest influences. As a senior to the young GDYB, he included them in a number of his recordings and performances.

Se7en Concert In Seoul AX Live
Run ft. GD+Taekwon (from Se7en’s 2006 album ‘24/7’)
Uploader: jpmiyuka

Se7en– Let Me In / Give me Permission ft. Taeyang (“Se7olution”, 2006)
Uploader : iHEARTminwoo

I think we’ve established that Taeyang makes a much better singer than rapper.  Can’t imagine how his personality would have to change if he were to succeed as a legitimate hiphop artist.  But these early works are nice too, if only as a souvenir of his earlier hiphop aspirations.

Thanks to all the uploaders!
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16 thoughts on “[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 1 Wheesung and Se7en”

  1. I’m so excited for this series! I love when YB collabs with someone else and I absolutely love his collabs with the YG sunbaes.

    I think YB made a decent rapper, definitely still better than some of those other idol rappers, but singing is definitely his forte.

    Hoping to see my ultimate favorite YB collab in one of the next articles! 🙂

    1. Haha about being excited. You’ve been stanning Taeyang as long as I have – you know everything he’s collaborated on as much as I do. (Hmm- gimme a hint, which collab is your favorite?)

    1. Wow! I’ve heard rumors floating around for a while but would appreciate any news. Let us know if you here anything definite about new music from her end.

  2. I actually think Youngbae has the potential to be a pretty decent rapper if he practices the art. His voice is just very likable and pleasant to listen to either way. I probably would be just as happy listening to him sing or rap or just talk all day.

    I figured what happened was that Youngbae had always wanted to be a singer or at least a R&B artist, but at the time he joined YGE, hiphop/rap was the trend, and probably felt like that was the direction he needed to head towards to get his career started. I agree, rapping and the hard hip hop image doesn’t fit his personality. And we are blessed that he decided to sing instead of a rap, but I will admit I look forward to the few times he does rap. Maybe, I’m just being a crazy fangirl, but I think he can make pretty dope/respectable verses if he pushed himself hard enough. I feel he has an appreciation for good writing, lyrics and with “Take It Slow”, tried hard to scribe some authentic lyrics.

    1. I agree that he could be a decent rapper, probably not an exceptional one though. I’m mostly basing this on how he seems to be not naturally expressive in a verbal sense. As someone who seems to be on the quiet and taciturn side, cautious about his words and private about his thoughts, “rapper” doesn’t seem to fit Taeyang’s personality. Then again, would he even be the person he is today if he had decided to pursue rap? I guess he would have been a very different sort of guy aside from being a different artist altogether.

  3. He sounds SOOOOO young!! But it’s true… not the best but could probably could rap circles around some of the idol “rappers” that are out nowadays.

  4. wow his rapping sounds like yoo seung jun’s rappingg! haha… which wasn’t so great. but <3yb~

  5. I’ve not heard much of Taeyang’s rapping until recently, but I think Taeyang has already built a great foundation as an R&B-pop singer (and he’s got the right choreographer to match). We also have evidence of Taeyang’s influence internationally in his genre (e.g. Wedding Dress — this single alone accounts for 22,000,000+ views on YouTube when I did the math, plus itunes #1 and #2) Pretty darn good with limited the promotion.

    Got sort of off topic, my opinion: Wedding Dress and Where U At would have been a GREAT debut combo in the states. IMO, he can be one of the first to go to beyond breaking down barriers for asian artists in the US, i’m pretty much saying YB can be bona fide trendsetter (Think: Eminem). When I first saw WUA MV it was so powerful, I wanted all the same gear Taeyang was wearing, all of it, much like how Qui of MovementLifestyle imitates YB’s style. (Tilted hat, simple clothes, rings, bracelet, watch, forearms, moves, I wanted it.) It’s like that, but on a larger scale. For some reason I can see it happening in the US. This reminds me of the story of how all the guys at Taeyang’s church look exactly like him. For me this is where his hip-hop side, even though he’s not rapping, has value. Asian-americans don’t have their hero in ‘african-american music’ yet and YB is Taeyang+MJ+Ne-yo+Usher+Trey Songz etc. in one package. Amazing.

    On topic, I think I also prefer Taeyang’s singing and the music he’s doing now since his stage charisma is pretty much irresistible, haha and inspiring too. Though I wouldn’t mind an experiment with one or two verses of rap for his newer fans (me) either. If I were close to him I would say, rap if you want to but you certainly don’t have to, to be a great artist. I guess we just want him to keep singing and dancing in the front is all. 😀 Unless his focus is to go head-to-head with Jay. 😛

    I still want him to keep developing his falsetto, everything else is fairly good. The tells of a more developed, appealing voice are when it’s clear (like Daesung clear) with little strain to hit notes and YB has had these moments. I’m not trying to take anything away from him, mind you. If he were asking me for criticism, I would say that.

    1. You said everything I have ever felt or wanted to say about YB! ESP. When you mentioned Asian americans don’t have their hero yet. As soon as I read that I started screaming EXACTLY!! **in my head of course, I am still at work** lol I think every Asian american is still looking for that person who will define is as Asians who are talented and the world can accept as artists.

      You mentioned Eminem and that was such a great comparison. I’m not saying YB is up to his caliber yet but there is potential for growth and we all know this. Everyone (well some or most) hated Eminem and stereotyped him as that “white” rapper but man did he prove everyone wrong, me included. YB to me is honestly universal and I admire that he rather make music that he loves instead of just pleasing Korea for fame. And to me, that is why I see potential for him to be greater then just an idol in Korea.

  6. He scrapes average as a rapper in these collabs. His rap in ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ is already above standard when you compare it to other male idols not named GD or TOP.

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