Big Bang on Infinity Challenge 110514 (eng subbed)

The second episode of the “Gangs of Seoul”.  See the first part here.

SO much cuteness! I just can’t get over Taeyang’s lightbulb moment in the car.  He really seems to enjoy games a lot – here’s hoping that he gets a chance to guest on Running Man sometime in the future.

Thanks once again to shiareagy6thalbum for the subs and uploads!

4 thoughts on “Big Bang on Infinity Challenge 110514 (eng subbed)”

    1. wait don’t spoil it please.

      i was thinking earlier since I went thru my old stuff, taeyang should have brought his fedora hat or w/e for this. that would have been awesome.

    1. It’s one of my fave guestings of his on any variety show ever. And he really looked like he was having a good time – like a kid playing games and really getting into it. (And so many gif-able moments too.)

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