With thoughts of peace and courage for all…

In light of the recent events surrounding Daesung’s May 31 accident on the Yanghwa Bridge in Southern Seoul (latest reports at the time of this posting here and here), we are offering our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased motorcycle rider and our prayers and support for Daesung and his loved ones at this difficult time.

I hope Daesung knows that whatever the outcome of this tragedy, he has a lot of people who love and trust in him.  To the fans who are understandably worried, let us all keep cool heads as we await the hopefully speedy and just resolution of this case.  Amidst conflicting media reports, rampant speculation and premature judgements, the best we can do is to hope for the best and focus on praying for the healing of all those concerned.

For those interested in participating in a message project in support of Daesung 21Bangs is running one here, as is Soompi here.

17 thoughts on “With thoughts of peace and courage for all…”

  1. Be strong Daesung! I hope that Youngbae and the boys are there for moral support and strength during this difficult time.

  2. My heart and condolences go out to Daesung and that poor, unfortunate motorcyclist. May he rest in peace. I hope that his family knows that he’s in a better place, watching over them. I’m praying that they have a supportive group behind them to get the through this tragic event.

    To Kang Daesung, please don’t despair!!! Know that VIPs worldwide are behind you. I hope that Daesung does not try to take all the blame. Knowing him, he’ll hold himself accountable for everything, regardless of whether it’s his fault or not. Please don’t let this weaken you. Always have faith that the YGFamily will be there for you every step of the way!

  3. We’re supporting you Dae! I don’t know what I would do in your position but you’re a strong person and I know you’ll pull through! Condolences to the family of the motorcyclist.

  4. Stay strong Daesung..everyone who cares and loves will stay behind you on this. Don’t take all the responsibility on this. Keep faith that everything will turn out fine for everyone involve. My condolences goes out to the family of the motorcyclist. I pray that you find the peace you all deserve.

  5. I am very worried because it will take much time to get through this, but hoping Dae and the boys will stay strong.

  6. Gosh, knowing his personality, this will be so tough on him mentally. I just hope he can recover. Korean mentalities are so unforgiving and burdening.

    1. that’s interesting that we limit it only to Koreans or Korean culture. i’d rather think of it as another style of discipline and upbringing. i’m not saying using that style is totally helpful, but like you said it makes acceptance process 1000x harder.

  7. I hope Daesung pulls through this, knowing how his personality, he will really blame himself for everything that is going on. =(

    I hope the boys have been giving him moral support, and that whatever happens, VIPs will trust and support him through and through!

    Fighting Dae Sung!!!!!

  8. We love you Daesung; stay strong.

    I’m sorry but i really don’t know what occurred. Can anyone explain it to me?

    1. conflicting information still. i’m going to wait and see what the experts put together because you know, we love Daesung. to be honest, i don’t know even though I’ve read everything.

      what do we the public know for sure? well, Daesung accidentally hit a biker and hit a taxi which sounds horrible, but that’s about all we know that we can prove. the rest is what we’ve people have told us.

    2. Daesung ran over a body which we still don’t know if it was alive at the time or dead. Then he crashed into a taxi. This all happened at 1am on a downhill and the body was laying on the ground.

  9. At the date of the accident, I was doing my university exam. I feel sad for what happen to Dae oppa I even shade a tear >> it’s a terrable thing if you thought that you could be the reson to end up a person life I’m also very sad for the family who lost thier son >> a kind person like you will never do such a thing we wait for your come back in eagerly ^^ don’t be late.

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