YG ON AIR Episode 5 (eng subbed ) 110527

Episode 5 of  YG On Air.  This is the full episode including 2NE1’s performance of “Lonely.” The Big Bang cut starts at 5:37 – and it includes a little glimpse of Taeyang’s birthday celebration during the Love & Hope concert last May 18 in Nagoya.

So happy for the little update – I only wish it could have been longer.  (Maybe on the Concert DVD BTS?) Taeyang looked like he had a great time though, which is really the most important thing.  His smiles could light up that concert hall.

Thanks to YGSRASubs for the subs and upload!

3 thoughts on “YG ON AIR Episode 5 (eng subbed ) 110527”

  1. Too short!!! I’m so freaking jealous of the jvips that got to see this live. But at least YB looks like he had loads of fun. YG…..this better be on the concert DVD!!!!

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