ATY’s 3rd Burstday Project Finished!


Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Burstday Project!

We collected a total of 95 messages  for the message book and opted to include all the messages we received instead of just sticking to our original goal of 60 messages.  We can’t show you all the messages here, but are providing pictures of some of the pages:

check out below for pictures

Message Book



*this was my message and the message of 2 really cute young Taeyang fans

*honestly you guys, I spazzed out when I saw the message book. It looks sooooooo good. All the messages and pages were so pretty. I’m sorry I can’t show you more pages but a lot of the messages were very touching and private.

As we reported earlier, we collected a total of USD 277 which went towards the printing of the message book (USD 76) and the purchase of gifts:

The Obey the Boston T shirt (USD 30)


All Music Guide to R&B (USD20)


The World Map (USD 23)
(we didn’t unroll since its pretty huge, but you can see the product picture here. We also didn’t wrap it up)



And an additional shirt (USD 27) – The Vision Test shirt


In addition, ATY staff included some dog toys for Boss in the package (USD 26.79):


Packaging was USD 93 (this was wrapping, boxes, ribbons, shipping packaging) , including a small thank you gift for the person doing delivery.


Gift for delivery person (don’t have a picture of what’s inside the box since the store wrapped it up and I didn’t have a camera on me)

A final birthday card


Everything ready to be shipped


ATY donated USD 200 in shipping expenses.  The balance of USD 47 was donated to the Japan Red Cross in Taeyang’s name. He will receive a certificate notifying him of the donation soon, it will be delivered to the YGE building.

I finally was able to mail it out yesterday (UPS had some issues in finding my apartment so the message book was a bit delayed, lol) and according to USPS it will arrive in Korea by Saturday. From there our contact will deliver it to a YGE manager as soon as possible.

Again, on behalf of ATY I want to say a big THANK YOU for making this possible. We couldn’t have done this without you guys.

40 thoughts on “ATY’s 3rd Burstday Project Finished!”

    1. I’m seeing all the pics again ^^ the message book is just awesome, all everything looks perfect !
      I’m sure Tae will see the love, gratitude and admiration we have for him in this gifts

      great job ATY !

  1. Omg!!!! This was freaking gorgeous!!! The printer did an amazing job with the project.

    I can’t wait for YB to get it and read our messages to him. ATYers tend to think alike so I just know that he’ll love and appreciate all the messages.

    Love the presents. The Boss shirt is adorable and the Vision shirt sounds like something YB would say/follow. I love the toys for Boss. Can’t forget him for all he’s done for YB!

    Great job ATY!!!

  2. I loooooove it. great job to everyone who participated and for you putting it together!! he will love it 🙂

  3. Wow just wow. It all came together just perfectly. The message book just left me speechless..its so professional looking.
    PS. Love the wrapping, its so pretty looking. The message from the littlest fans are so cute

  4. Thank you thank you thank you!!! :”D
    I can’t wait until we see him wear that shirt, read all our letters and know that he is loved from around the globe.

  5. oooh the gifts look awesome! 🙂
    love the wrapping too haha.
    ATY did a great job. I’m sure he’ll love it. 😀

  6. We wouldn’t have done it without you as well,so a big cheers to you guys! I hope Taeyang love the gifts.

  7. They are so well made! Love the message on the book’s cover. And you’ve got really cute handwriting!

  8. This is amazing and so gorgeous!!! Pretteh`~~~ :DDDD

    Great job tooz with the wrapping!

    The message book looks SO AWESOME!

    Great job guys, and I love the toys for Boss, hehehe

  9. WOW guys that just looks so awesome!! Thank you so much for doing it and doing such a great job of it. 🙂

    I wish I had taken part now,uh I dont know why I never do! (this time it was being too caught up and stressed with exams I just neglected this) -_-

    I hope Taeyang receives this safely and takes time to read the messages! maybe with the help of his English learning books and stuff lol ^^

  10. this is really awesome ATY!!!! :)) you guys are sooo cool :)) too bad i wasn’t able to join though 😦 i hope Filipino fans got to join 🙂 keep rockin’ ATY! 🙂

  11. That’s SO beautiful!! it turned out to be a HUGE package! I’m so glad you thought of Boss also!! ^^ we know how much YBeezy loves him and it’s good he knows we do to! I wonder if my msg got in :s I just noticed I didn’t add the subject to my e-mail when I sent it! Now I’m worried D: But it turned out great I’m so so so so happy!!! saranghae Oppa♥ hwaiting!

    1. it got in, don’t worry. we set up that email specifically for this project so everything sent in was for this.

      1. ohh,really? awesome! thank you for coming up with the Burstday project again this year! you rock! ^^

  12. Hey guys, I just got it. So the Kindred Spirits thing is for me? Thanks! =D
    Wow this present is huge.. I’ll get pictures to Kay as soon as my camera is finished charging. And I’ll try to get it to him asap. ^^

      1. Haha getting it to YG is going to be… interesting. I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m aiming for next week because I need some friends to help me and that’s the only time everyone’s free. Gonna call YG asap to set a time. *crosses fingers* I’ll keep you guys updated. I sent a few pictures to Kay just now as well. (Thanks for the bracelet by the way! LOVE it <3)

        1. So excited that you got it!!! And I’m happy that you got the bracelet (I thought it was cute but wasn’t sure how you’ll like it). Anyway, this makes me happy since I left the USPS receipt at my parents’ house and had now way of tracking. Anyway, thanks so much.

  13. omg thank you so much!!!! to all staffs that worked on this, you guys did a great job and i’m so happy everything turned out so well!! thank you again!

  14. Update: Called YG and talked to the fan department. They wanted me to mail the presents, but I insisted on hand delivering them. They put me on hold and then came back and told me to shoot them an email with the details. Currently waiting for a response…

    1. your job is hard! i did not participate in this but i feel an immense need to thank you and send you love! so THANK YOU! <3333333333

  15. And they emailed me back saying that due to the current situation they’d rather that i just mailed it. I’ll try one more time, but I think that’s what I’ll have to do in the end. Must email back and ask for what address they’d like me to send it to and if I can get confirmation when they receive it.. xD

    1. Thanks for all the trouble on our behalf. We’ll ask around through some other contacts on how else we can get an appointment for you and we’ll contact your email when we have some more information. I guess YG has some special circumstances we may not know about due to the current situation.

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