Big Bang for LG Optimus (Dance version CF and eng subbed “BTS”)

Big Bang has been promoting the smartphone LG Optimus BIG and recently came out with these two ads:

Dance Version CF

More below the cut

Big Bang talks about the LG Optimus BIG

While the dance CF version is obviously where Taeyang shines,  the other version is a bit more interesting.  Exaggerations and overacting FTW!  I think this is one of those situations that is just so bad its good. (At least I thought it was hilarious.  “I’m just going to hang this on our wall…”)

Thanks to gilbakk2010 and mlkdemian for the subs and uploads.

4 thoughts on “Big Bang for LG Optimus (Dance version CF and eng subbed “BTS”)”

  1. Glad to see the boys back in action with their CFs. Liked the dance version. That was definitely YB’s strongest point. Makes me wish they actually had that choreo for one of their songs.

    And oh the acting! YB….oh YB… actor you shall never be. But the obvious overacting was pretty hilarious. Made me want to buy it just because of that.

  2. I loved the second one with the exaggerated reactions to the phone LOL the boys and cracking jokes =D

  3. Hahhahaha, they were overacting, but I found it funnier than anything XD

    It was funny and great to see them cracking jokes and exaggerating. I don’t think it’s that much different to when they’re off camera and being kids…XDDD

    The dance version was really Tae’s shining point, can’t focus on the other members because of you YB! LOL

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