Taeyang and Big Bang invite Kpop Fans to Audition in the UK

Taeyang’s been working on his english – and it shows.

More details below:

From the YT description:

“After our last successful event at the Korean Culture Centre, Kpop Team presents another Kpop Special, K-Pop Contest with YG Entertainment.

Special prize for winner: Return flight tickets to Korea and a chance to visit YG Entertainment.

For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=186905618023979  “

More from bigbangupdates.com: This is available to everyone, but the finalists who are chosen to compete live, must be available to sing at the Korean Cultural Center, UK, for their event on June 3rd 2011.


20 thoughts on “Taeyang and Big Bang invite Kpop Fans to Audition in the UK”

  1. Yes! Another opportunity to spazz about YB’s English!!!

    This sounds awesome for UK fans….but don’t forget YG, US fans need love too!

  2. joining would be so much fun! but how about here in the philippines?? not everyone can just go to UK to join the competition! haha.

  3. OMG! Basically Korean Culture Centre held a Free kpop night a few months ago (I went and the DJ was so BB/YG biased it was awesome!) and they’re holding another one in June but this time they’re holding a contest,the winner will get to perform on the night. This video just opened a whole new aspect to that! Didnt know it was an audition,it didnt even mention it,just that it was a contest and the winner gets to go to Korea and it’s in partnershipe with YGE.

    1. That’s kind of the unclear part. I guess its to audition for the contest? YB calls it an audtion but contest details didnt specifically say it was to audition for YGE.

      1. Yeah I doubt its an audition…more like the winner of the contest gets to visit YGE,but the Korean Culture Centre (KCC) did post it on their YT,so I guess there must be something going on then. Maybe when he says “audition” it meant take part in the contest since it doesnt really say anything about YG auditions. Or when he says audition he does mean real auditions, maybe the winner will be given a chance to audition for YGE? …so unclear.

      2. Just found out from one the people who are privy to the event that it is in fact just a contest no audition at anywhere,lol.

        1. Yeah, from what i can tell, the winner (or maybe it’s finalists?) perform at KCC and the winner wins a trip to Korea and gets to look around YGE :O

        2. Yeah that is basically what it is,YB kinds confused us with the “audition” bit,lol.

  4. Finally, some acknowledgement of UK VIPs! but i can’t sing to save my life T_T I sound like a cat being strangled!

    And taeyang’s engrish is adorable! I squealed the whole way through that, got really hyper when he said UK and then had to watch it all again cause i hadn’t processed a word he’d said. He’s so cute *sqishes cheeks*

    and am i the only one who found GD kinda rude? he checked his watch, played with his rings and just generally looked bored >_<

    1. naaaa, GD’s always like that. it looked like they were all acting confident in this clip, which is pretty awesome. looked like they just woke up though…

      1. I know what you mean, he is like that usually, I’ve noticed he plays with his jewellery, but I think it was just when he checked his watch that annoyed me. When people do that, it just makes me feel like they’d rather be elsewhere or it’s a waste of time or whatever >_< gah, maybe it's just me lol I'm odd like that haha

  5. ah SHUCKS….my driving test on that day..hahah…NOT THAT I CAN SING EITHER!!! i wish i could…VISIT YG ENTERTAINMENT….RETURN tickets? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG

  6. Submitted mine on Sat, but am broke like hell and a return train ticket to London would cost me abt £60 from Glasgow…why oh why did i leave London??!!! ; ) results announced tomorrow…fingers crossed!

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