How did Taeyang celebrate his Birthday? (Updated with a Fanaccount)

Thanks to Seungri and his me2day, we have a glimpse of how Taeyang spent part of his birthday.  (We’ll keep updating this post if any more news comes in.)

Thanks to gilbakk2010 for the YT upload!

Fanaccount and more below the cut

From Seungri’s Me2 day:

BIGBANG Taeyang hyung Happy 24th Birthday^^I love you – from Maknae Seungri ” (rough translation from tumblr)

A concert fanaccount from @kya_mii. (Thank you so so much!) Read the full account of the birthday parts  here and more about the MC non-birthday parts of the concert here. (Apparently YB was in a energetic mood and doing backflips. And jokes.)

Before the start of the con, there was a note on the screens saying there’ll be a birthday surprise for Sol so until then, hold off all bday messages. At the end before the encore, the fans were confused about whether to sing Happy Birthday or My Heaven. It took ages before My Heaven finally won over. Sad. THEN..

It usually takes AGES before they come out for their encore but suddenly the stage lifts dropped down & they stuck their heads out. Cute. They finally jumped out and YB had a sash on. The other boys had huge birthday hats on! GD took his hat to reveal…a chonmage wig. Lmao! ADORABLE! Later it was passed on to Dae who wore it. Lmao.

ANYWAY, so they did their encore as usual but at the end when they were doing their goodbyes, the staff suddenly brought out cake and the other members took bits of cake & rubbed in on his face and hair! Lmao. After that it was time for pics. GD started wiping YB’s face with his towel then later TOP followed. Then they took pics with fans as the background so I’m sure there’ll be news.

So yeah they did their 2 encores then the bringing out the cake. Then seriously GD WAS ALL OVER YB. He looked SO happy for him. High fiving him often & just sticking around him. SO CUTE! During the pics, Dae was posing with YB while holding the cake YB also did muscle flexing poses which was HOT! And OMG so during the ending, with the rest of the boys cheering his name, YB goes and dances in the center stage, the other boys still on the main stage.

THEN YB starts taking off his clothes and throwing it. OMG SHIRTLESS YB! SO HOT IRL TOO! OMG! Before he threw his shirt, he nodded at the girl he was throwing it too. Same thing GD and Seungri did to the ppl he threw stuff to. They seriously gave away so much stuff. And GD stole a penlight from a fan during a song and never returned it. LMAO.

OH and SO CUTE. They picked up YB and threw him in the air 3 times. Oh he was SO HAPPY! SO CUTE!

Okay so there was no singing of Happy Birthday btw. SAD! We tried starting it but they ended up playing a bday track & after GD starts “HAPPY BIIIIIIRTHDAAAAAY!” and he starts a call of “GO TAEYANG! GO TAEYANG”.

They srsly walked ALL OVER all the stages, dragging it out a little longer than usual (not singing, just saying thank you & throwing stuff). Ri again said to take care going home and call him when they get home. TOP was making heart signs in every direction & then bowing & saying thank you in Japanese. 

When YB was dancing, TOP tried to beatbox to it but YB had already moved to another stage. I think that’s it for the end/encore/bday. YB did make a speech saying thank you and that he really enjoyed it.

Some other little Birthday tidbits:

Members of Taeyang’s Japanese fansite handed out 3000 “HappY Birthday!” slogans at the concert to cheer Taeyang on.  (thanks to solysombra0518 for the tip.)

19 thoughts on “How did Taeyang celebrate his Birthday? (Updated with a Fanaccount)”

  1. Oh! It sounds like they had so much fun!!! How I wish I could have been there!

    I swear, BB is just like a bunch of little kids. But thanks for making YB’s birthday all the better! His group members are just great.

  2. Wow! sounds like the boys has so so so SO much Fuuuunnn,this makes up for the VERY quiet birthday YB had last year.

    It’s ocassions like this that really bring out the bromance in BIGBANG ^_^ and LOL at seungri calling Dae “oppa” and Sun-Dae celebrating together? they were so hyper/happy!

    1. I did have my doubts about that Daesung part since it came from a rough tumblr translation. I suspect that’s a translator’s comment. (edits post) Sorry about that. I think SR is a big kidder, but not THAT much.

      1. LOL! but I really though SR was just kidding around,since it looks like both Dae and YB were celebrating 😛

  3. I love GD’s hat! Wish I had one too!
    Thanks Baby Ri for the vid! I can hear TOP and GD and Baby chanting for Bae and Dae. =)

    And that fan account, wow, I just freakin love it! Looks like Bae became his own birthday stripper. Lucky fans!
    I hope they have fancams posted. I wanna see the GDYB moment. =) And the goofy, dorky Big Bang! So glad they made Bae’s day uber special. Pretty sure the fans there got a special treat by just seeing that! =)

  4. Hahhahahah!! Oohh, looks like they had A LOT of fun!! >w<

    I'm glad YB enjoyed it so much, and GD all over YB? That is just awesome, and is all I would ask since they are BFFs since forever…XD

    It's been almost 10 years? of friendship? It's just so amazing and I love it to bits!

    Thanks for the tip~~~ :DDD

  5. Hahaha YB stripped for his birthday! Your fans are suppose to give you a present for your birthday! not the other way around! but thanks!!Naked TY = heaven

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