And Taeyang says Thanks! (A Video Message 110518)

After saying thank you for all the birthday wishes on Twitter (in both english and korean) and on UFO, Taeyang does even better and sends a thank you video out to all the fans!

We love you too Taeyang! And no need to apologize-everything good is worth waiting for and we’ll be ready for new music and performances whenever you are! Enjoy yourself for a bit  – you deserve it!

(His UFO Message says “Thank you for being with me always. 🙂 my birthday’s much more happy because of your support and love. ^^” – thanks to Amanda and HuisuYoon for the translation; shinhdeplol at soompi for the UFO screencap.)


12 thoughts on “And Taeyang says Thanks! (A Video Message 110518)”

  1. Happy birthday oppa
    we really love u and we’ll support you ……
    I’m soooooooo haaaaaappy today because it’s your birthday

  2. Haha he’s sooo cute! 23 and he’s worried about getting old. He’s already accomplished so much anyways. ambition is so sexy on a guy, especially this guy

  3. What can I say….he gave me a birthday gift with this video message =) and my birthday dosen’t come until next year!! haha
    “My Beautiful Man” every year he’s becoming more gorgeous =) I hope he can celebrate with the boys.


  4. OMG ! I’m so happy that he made the time to make a thank you video 🙂 And i’m so glad it’s subbed haha ! You are terrific. And i can’t find a better word to describe you Young Bae ❤ thank you for all your hard work you put into your music
    love always, Rachelle 😀

  5. OMG!!!!!!!! I’m in school right now so as soon as I get home i HAVE TO WATCH ASAP!!! It’s gonna make the rest of my afternoon happier!!!! aaaaaaaah Oppaaa saranghaeyo<3 hope you had an awesome birthday!! mwah! ~

  6. Congratulations YB! and hope you had a great birthday.

    No need to apologise, no need to worry but he isn’t YB if he doesn’t do any of the above things XD


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