HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG! (And an ATY Giveaway event- updated)

Another year has gone by and our boy is now older, wiser and hotter than ever. After the last 12 months full of both professional and personal growth,  we’re looking forward to even bigger and better things in the coming years. Wishing you much success and happiness Taeyang– all the best on your 24th! We’re so proud of you!

And an ATY surprise below the cut  (with update)

To celebrate this special occasion, ATY is doing a giveaway of the Solar Concert DVD (Korea version). Rules are simple:

1.  Share your favorite Taeyang quote/ video/fancam /macro in the comments below.

2.  Qualified commenters for the giveaway should be subscribers to ATY and/or followers on our Twitter account. (So please subscribe or follow us if you haven’t yet!) Please use your wordpress or twitter usernames when you comment.

3. We will randomly pick the winner from among the qualified commenters.  We’ll only count each commenter once so no need to spam us with multiple comments or usernames to increase your chances– we have your IP addresses and we want to give everyone a fair chance so we will use those and a random number generator to choose the winner.

4.  We will be choosing the winner on May 21 at 11:59PM KST, so you have until then to post your comments.  We’ll contact the winner via the email used on the winning comment, and will let everyone know who won once we get a response back.  Hoping to hear from everyone!

Update :  Thanks for all the comments !  Contest is now closed.  We will contact the winner by email and will post an announcement on the winner once we have received a response from them.

And to those that already have a DVD and don’t need an extra, post your birthday wishes, replies and comments anyway and let us know that you just felt like sharing.

(For those wondering about the status of the Burstday project, we’ll be posting an update and pictures next week!)

94 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG! (And an ATY Giveaway event- updated)”

  1. Yayyyy! Good thing I already have a couple of concert DVDs or I would have to battle everyone else for this giveaway! 😀

    Happy birthday to the Oh So Magnificent Dong Youngbae!!! May each year continue to bring his success and happiness in all of his endeavors

    1. Dangit…clicked publish before I was done.

      I sincerely hope JVips make tonight’s concert a truly exceptional experience for YB. He definitely deserves everything he receives and more!
      On that note, hopefully our gift gets to him safely and that he loves it just as much as we do!!!

  2. Jus wanted to share my favourite TY song
    Take it slow…

    He has shown us how much he has matured musically and personally, I hope we get to hear more of his creations soon!!!

    Happy birthday YB!!!

  3. happy birthday to my lovely SUN…. continue to share your talent and shine brightly… you deserve the love from SOLmates and VIPz… I wish that you will find your one true love… love*love*love*

  4. Here is my favorite video:

    I really like him a lot. He is a great singer and dancer. He is amazing!!!

  5. This will forever n ever be my favorite clip. Love u mama sunshine. Many blessings to come. Thank u mama and papa Dong for pro-creating such beautiful boys like Hyun n Young!!!

  6. I am going to post PRAYER because this mv introduced me to YB.

    I was so impressed and shocked, he was so sexy !!!!
    I though he was mixed at first, I remember after watching this mv I passed all my days searching for any informations regarding him and was introduced to BB and kpop in general

  7. My favourite quote from him was when he was being interviewed in GQ a couple months ago, “Do you like puppies?” LOL, I don’t know why I like that quote.. It’s pretty adorable. 😛 I found it pretty hilarious when the interviewer asked him what he would say first if he saw his ideal woman..

    My favourite video of all time that I’ve been replaying, is this:

  8. my favorite video of taeyang is his MV for only look at me.Even though the meaning of the song is kinda selfish(well this happens when your in love!:] )for me it was a really nice song. His voice matches well to the song.The dance is great plus the participation of his fellow Bigbang Members.

    Happy Birthday Dong Young Bae!.. Hope you have more blessings to come and more success to you and Bigbang. Take care always…♥

  9. i don’t own this vid..but it made me cry…i love what TaeYang said..everything..Happy Birthday! stay perfect…

    credits to MatOo89 whom i believe made this vid

    1. That video is amazing,I love it! it captured the most important part/the climax of the SOLAR speech so well :’)

  10. Happy Birthday Taeyang! Hope the rest of the year is full of happiness and I wish you all the best for the future! Good Luck.

    “I’m still driven by my dream to become an influential artist who touches people’s hearts with good music.”

    ^ There are far too many wise thoughts and aspirations that come out of our Youngbae, which I absolutely love about him, making it hard to just chose one. I quoted him (from Osen interview Dec ’09) talking about his biggest dream: music.

  11. I don’t cry easily. It’s embarrassing when I do. But that time was real. My heart felt it. I was really moved and it was the first time crying like that.

    -Taeyang (Solar Concert Making)

    Honestly, what is more touching than this? ;-;

  12. THis is my fav video. The whole atmosphere at the beginning is amazing! Plus can it be any better than him, his piano and this amazing voice?

  13. happy birthday oppa TAEYANG …

    I hope every your years so happy ..

    keep fighting .. saranghae oppa

  14. this is my favourite one. Everytime I watch this I am encouraged to do better in anything I do. Its so amazing how taeyang has worked so hard to where be he is now. I truly admire him!

    quote: I hope to get acknowledgement from everyone. Besides wanting to do better, I have no other thoughts. Really have to work harder now.


  15. Happy Birthday Youngbae!! Have an amazing day you deserve it!!

    Here’s the Taeyang video that made my WEEK when it came out. His greeting to us international fans (IN ENGLISH!!) on his youtube channel.

  16. A special day like today, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, may all your wishes come true and more! I wish you always be healthy and happy in everything you do.
    Always supporting you and wishing you the best !
    “The Voice from Soul: 생일 축하 Dear Tae !!!

    There are many favorite videos to me and chose this: Taeyang I Want You Back Micheal Jackson Live 2011 , I like to see Taeyang performing the artist that had most influence on him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd7ooPnZ6hQ&feature=related

  17. i don’t know if i have one favorite quote of Taeyang because there’s just too many good insights from him but this one is definitely very memorable:
    “But to sing a difficult song simply to show off how accomplished I am… I’ve always felt that a song is meant to share its sincerity and to move people. Singing just to show off your level and craft is meaningless.”
    – Taeyang, GQ Man of the Year

    my favorite video will be forever this:

    it got me hooked on Taeyang and because of that, my life has never been the same. 🙂

      i’ll forever be a fan of your talent and heart!
      best wishes!!!!

  18. Gotta be Wedding Dress 🙂 the song that proved his international success and the song that made me admire him as one the best dancer cum singer artist ~

    Happy Birthday Taeyang 🙂 I hope you will continue to have fun doing the music you love. The joy on your face is encouraging too 🙂 FIGHTING :3

  19. Congratulations, Taeyang

    May God bless you too and that you always have the inspiration to keep growing as a musician and always presenting us with excellent music, I love you very much.

  20. My favorite song is Look Only at Me (or Only Look at Me) That’s like the classic Taeyang song for me. His HOT album is definitely a must have. All the songs are awesome. Just like Solar. I hope to win the dvd 😛 How can I subscribe to ATY? I’m a follower on Twitter btw. Good luck everyone! Happy B-Day YB, you are my rolemodel!

  21. Happy Birthday our lovelly Yongbae:-). I will share my fav quotes from him
    “Music is a way for me to express myself.I’m usually bad at expressing myself to other people but I can do that through music.”

  22. First off Happy Birthday to our shining artist!

    This has got to me one of my all time favorites! The speech he says is just so touching. Every time I watch it, I can’t help to cry myself a river.

    The guy’s passion and love for music is just indescribable & because of that, I think many of us fans can’t quite describe how much YB influences our lives. At least for me, no word or sentence can ever give true justice as to how lucky I am to have discovered Taeyang & his music.

  23. This is the video that hooked me to Taeyang, and spawned a million body roll gifs lol

    Seriously, I wasn’t even into Kpop until this video, epic performance 🙂

  24. I already have the SOLAR concert DVD, but I thought I’d share my favourite video as well, hehe. ;P

    I seriously loved this performance of LOAM, but a lot of his LOAM perfs have been awesome because each time the feel is different 🙂

    I just loved that little dance on top of the piano (plus the – all right i’ll admit it – stripping). I’m hopeless I know. XD


    Happy Birthday YB! Like you BM, I hope the JVIPS prepared something special for our boy. 🙂

    He’s really grown a lot as an artist and as a young man of 24, YOUNG BAE FIGHTING!!! SARANGHAE~~

  25. Oooo hmm I have waaay too many fav YB quotes, so I’ll embedd one of the cutest YB fancams EVER…yes, ever (well, to me, atleast…I just can’t get over the cuteness in this):

  26. Ummm,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUNG BAE!!! I Hope all your dreams, wishes, and etc, come true. Hope you’re able to do world domination with your truly amazing music. Wish you to have a great health, life, career, and find that perfect girl!! Taeyang, you’re amazing and truly talented!!

    Defines how I discovered KPop and came to love Taeyang , his music and dance style.

  27. Happy Birthday dearest Youngbae.
    Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year and many more to come.

    Youngbeezy just tweeted this: “thank you for congratulaing me. i’m turning into 23 and i’m getting worried a bit 😉 haha”

    LOL. Of course he would be worried. Just his normal state of being.

    Peace and love to all.

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG ❤ I wish you the best as always and hope that your year was good 🙂 Your wise,smart,helpful,cheerful,sweet,kind,and everything a girl could ever dream of. Your my role model and i love you for that. I hope all your wishes come true and i know you like to please your fans. and trust me we are more than pleased. so do what you do best 🙂 We'll be here to support you no matter what ❤ 생일 축하의 태양!
    당신이 많은 사랑 🙂 (not in a creepy way .. but in a supportive way :D)
    love your fan, Rachelle

  29. One of my favorite songs by Taeyang is only look at me. Saying this is my favorite song and watching him performing it live is very touching. The way he sang his heart out is very heart warming. I could not resist my tears from falling. My favorite part is when he sang that remix part that he prepared for us.I just love youngbae beacause he is so talented in dancing and singing.

    Just want to wish Taeyang a happy birthday. Keep up with your music dreams and continue giving us a good stage like this.

  30. I hope you guys enjoy this video. 🙂 Taeyang’s radiant smile never fails to brighten my day.

    Happy Birthday YB! Much love.

  31. sorri u guys, i don’t have time to prepare any gift for our great boy, i have to concerntrate in my final exam, sorri so much,
    anyway, hpbd to u bae oppa
    hope u always handsome and talented
    we support to u

  32. Happy Birthday Taeyang,
    haven’t visit this site for a while =)
    but anyway, may all the best wishes happen to our boys.
    man, i don’t know how to link stuff…i guess xD

  33. Happy birthday to you Youngbae!!! I pray that you will have everything you wish for!! and always stay in good health!!

  34. my favourite song of Taeyangs is Look Only at Me.

    Look Only at Me is Taeyang’s most beautiful song for me. This is the song that brought him to stardome as an individual(not in bigbang). He is well-known in R&B because of this song which became so popular and the dance of the song fits him well that all the moves he make is so mesmerizing. Thanks to son Shaun Evaristo! PinoySwagg! so there HappyBirthday Taeyang! More Power!

    -im actually a dancer, i always listen to his songs because its inspiring.

  35. I love Taeyang! He’s perfect! He melts my heart every time I watch this! Happy Birthday YoungBae! ❤

  36. YB gives the most insightful interviews and if I had to pick just one that struck me the most, it’s this line from his 10Asia interview. About what sort of music he should be making in the future: “Music that sounds very hopeful in the morning on your way to work but consoling when you hear on your way home at the end of the day. It’s music that’ll sometimes sound more exciting, rather than put you in a good mood, and sound sad if you hear it when you’re in another mood.”

    I love this quote because that’s how I feel when I hear his music. It has this versatile quality to make me happier when I’m happy, and sadder when I’m already sad. His music is like mood enhancer to me. More than that, I am hopeful. I feel hopeful for this boy (man?) who has dreamed about making music since he was little and when I listen to his songs I feel excited and hopeful at how far he can go.

    I can’t really put into words how much I love this boy right here. Or should I say man now? Knowing him changed me in so many ways. Not just musically, and getting to know the fantastic world of Korean music and culture. What I love more about this experience, as a fan, is the community of amazing people I got to know because of him. People from all over the world are connecting because of him and his music. I hope he knows just how much of an impact he has made to his fans.

    To my Bae-by, I am so proud of you for the year that was and I have no doubt that this year will even be better. Because that’ just the kind of drive you have. I wish that you learn more about yourself this year, trust yourself more and be happier. Oh and regular tweets and more songs too, please. xD

  37. Taeyang is so cute in this fancam. Hope u guys enjoy it.
    Happy birthday Taeyang! Best wishes for the best 24th birthday.

  38. Happy Birthday Taeyang! ❤

    One of my favorite videos of him! It shows how much swag he has! LOL. ❤

  39. My favorite quote of all times is when Taeyang stated in the interview his ideal type at that time. The video doesn’t exist anymore but the best quote was when he said he preferred shorter girls, I literally died from happiness knowing that. LOL. and the best part of that interview was when the lady stated “if you are quiet, dress well and is short, please run away because you are Taeyang’s ideal type.” Hahaa, it fits me perfectly because I am a shy quiet person, I love fashion and I am short. I would away only to get to him. 🙂
    Although his ideal type has changed a bit, this one still gets my heart pumping each time i re-watch it.

    Taeyang is someone who is a big part of my life, I love him for many reasons. I hope to win this so badly because I want it!! >.< Goodluck toeveryone though.

    1. I meant *I would run away only to get to him. Forgot a word. Lol and my twitter is:


      I am following you guys of course! 😀

      1. *messed up the 3rd time -__- sorry.
        it’s twitter.com/msJLEEbby
        no wonder I keep clickin on my name thinkin who’s that? 0.o

  40. A reason why I love him more and more because of his true feelings , like this quote :

    “I sing with all my heart and when I see the audience feel it too, I feel so touched I get goosebumps…To my fans, I would like to say, ‘I will work harder’, rather than to say, ‘I love you’ because I believe that sincerity has its way of getting across to touch hearts.”

  41. Ok, I am a huge bias of GDYB and this is so far one of my most favorite video of them!!! YB hugged GD and GD looked so cute like a little girl in the warm arm of a great comforter ❤ Tae Yang said: "I think hugging makes you feel warm". OMGGGG, so adorable!!!

    1. this is sooooo cute!! I love GDYB too and that is one of my fav moment. They look adorable together.

  42. Birthday Song for DYB!!!
    생일 축하합니다 …
    생일 축하합니다…
    사랑하는 영배씨 !!!
    생일 축하합니다~~
    Rock the stage of Love&Hope Concerts @ JAPAN!!

    One of my fav song by Taeyang Hyung!!
    Enjoy your day with BIGBANG & the lovely JVIP 🙂

    From SGVIP <3,
    wish to see BigBang's new song performance on Singapore's Concert!!

  43. just sharing another lovely video
    from Taeyang & YGFAMILY!! 😀
    (This post is not counted 😀 )


    Short Clip, Catchy music & Lovely people 🙂

    There is another one for TOP/Daesung/CL

    Enjoy the video VIPS!!

  44. My favourite Taeyang’s words:

    My life’s ultimate goal is…
    …to become a really great dad.
    Really, it’s the hardest thing.
    More so than being…
    …a really great singer with a great image and great music.
    I think being a great dad is the hardest thing to do in the world.
    Becouse my kids..
    I think, as a dad, being like…
    a really great person to my kids would be a really hard thing yo do.
    I think the coolest man is…
    Someone who has their kids’ respect and seems like superman to them.
    I think that’s the coolest guy.
    That’s my ultimate goal.

    I think Taeyang will be a really great and cool dad ^^
    Happy Birthday! May your all dreams come true 😉

  45. Happy Birthday SOL! i want to wish the best this year and hope you get everything you ever wanted and want to thank you for bring new music to my hear almost every year and putting a smile on my face whenever im listening to you. The video of you doing a cover of don’t want to try made me ball into tears because it was just going through alot of emotional stress and the first thing i listen to was this and i ever since then i never thought i would be a big fan of yours and i want to thank you again for the music you give us and putting a smile on my face every time i listen to you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  46. Happpy Birthday Taeyang Oppa! Hope you have a wonderful day. Hope all your wishes come true. I wish you all the best. Hope you achieve great success.
    I love you Taeyang ❤

  47. I don’t have my Solar DVD YET. Still waiting for it to ship (for like 2 months now) cuz it somehow got lost in the mail and I’m now waiting for it to be re-sent! Anyway, wish Taeyang the best birthday, and hope BB’s concerts end safely and soundly! ❤

  48. My favorite quote from Dong Youngbae is: “I don’t think you can do anything about that feeling of loneliness, even if you have someone to love”

    ❤ Which is so true. I'd love his Solar DVD, that'd be a dream come true.

  49. my fav TY quotes:

    “To my fans, I would like to say: I will work harder, rather than to say I love you because I believe that sincerity has its way of getting across to touch hearts.”

    “I believe that good music can change people and the world. I want to bring my future albums close to perfection. I don’t want them to be sensational. I want them to reflect my life experiences and love in a truthful manner.”

    “I think I’m here where I stand now because of the imagination and the strong hope wishing to be like this from the past.”

    Idk but these quotes definitely gave a very deep meaning to me :))
    anywayss i just wanna say Happy 24th Birthday Taeyangg! May all your wishes come true! God bless you and Big Bang alwayss! Fighting!

  50. my favorite quote is from his first solo concert,

    “I know it was raining earlier. Is it still raining right now?”

    “it’s okay, i’ll shine even brighter for you”

    ^ I smiled when he said that he’ll shine brighter for us VIPs ^^

    1. that was so cute…i had butterflies in my stomach when he said that and i was grinning from ear to ear xD

  51. Oh Taeyang as Superman but still not abandoning his hat xD This video made me fall in love with the whole Big Bang, but one again Taeyang captured my heart ❤

  52. for me, the best quote from him is this ‘my fans are just like me a lot like me in that they have many thoughts on their minds, get anxious easily, worry about everything in advance and have bad feelings about everything’ – GQ 2009. a lot like me so i understand him to have worries so much but i hope he stays positive and believes everything is gonna b ok =))

  53. I have two most fav vids from my baby boo! can I share both? Anyhow,here they are! the first one is HILARIOUS I crack up every time! altough it’s not only YB..and the 2nd one is just too freakin’ cute,melt-away material,it has the 2nd most beautiful thing in the world besides YB…his SMILE! *_*

    And this shows his commitment about making music-“Rather to becoming the best,I want to become a singer with meaning” and he has done both! ❤

  54. This quote makes me fall in love with Yb all over again…

    “I wish that my songs, my dancing and all I do,can encourage people. I want them to look at me and say ‘That’s my great artist’. – Taeyang

  55. i went back and read some of my favorite interviews , if i kept going i might have missed the deadline but I’m glad i did it . i guess one of my fav is this :

    ” personally, I’ve made some changes. I could already be the best to someone. If that’s the case, I have no choice but to do my absolute best every single time. If I continue to put forth my all, I could become the world’s best. I simply work hard believing in that potential. Even if I don’t get to stand on a really grand stage, I want to become a singer that can convey that emotion to any passing stranger”

    to me he’s already one of the best because i was just a passing stranger .

  56. Great minds think alike, as a few of my favourite videos of YB have already been posted!

    I have too many favourite videos, but one that I especially love is his “I Need A Girl” performance on Sketchbook: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNaVzsWVSHs.

    Actually, the whole episode is pretty awesome, but I love how he’s so totally into this performance … so much energy and so happy! My favourite kind of YB!

  57. This will forever and always be the song that got me liking Youngbae so much.

    Even though its with the other BigBang members, i was utterly astounded with Bae’s english. He is and forever always will be my ultimate bias, not because of this body (like some people like him for that) but because of his singing and him playing the piano. I’m really attracted to guys who play an instrument 🙂

    His heavenly voice captured my heart ❤

    Also, isnt this cuteee~

  58. To me, this is my favourite performance 🙂 It shows his passion, love and dedication towards his fans and also to music. I love the ‘live band’ effect which compliments his honey sweet voice too!! A plus point that this song was written and composed by the birthday boy! Happy Birthday Taeyang! ❤

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