YG ON AIR Episode 3 (eng subbed) (110513)

YG ON AIR is an internet only video series produced by YG Entertainment in collaboration with Naver.  So far, episodes have been airing every Friday and they include behind the scenes footage and performances of YG artists.  The episodes thus far have featured Big Bang and 2ne1.  This is the 3rd Episode and it features Big Bang preparing for their Japan Concert Tour (and a live performance of Park Bom.)

Such a fantastic idea from YGE.  Frankly, it’s about time they took more advantage of their youtube channel.  They’ve even promised to post the subs for all the videos (albeit a little later so this one will do for us impatient ones for now.) It’s a huge step in the right direction, especially since we don’t get to see YG artists as much on TV.  (And with a live band too!)  I certainly hope this extends to performing songs that are not officially being promoted and even songs from their backlist that they hardly ever get to perform.    So many possibilities…

Thanks to mlkdemian for the quick subs and uploads.


3 thoughts on “YG ON AIR Episode 3 (eng subbed) (110513)”

  1. YB punishing Seungri was cute. XDDDD

    I could so see him as being the father punishing his kid in that part of the video. LOL

    GD lip synching to “What Can I Do” was funny as well, hahahah.

    This version of “Don’t Cry” was awesome as well, but I think the acoustic version is still my favourite.

    So happy that YG is willing to sub these videos and thinking of the international fans that watch their vids. Like you said BM, it’s a step in the right direction indeed! :DDD

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