Japan version of Big Bang’s Tonight and Ms. Liar

The Japan version of Tonight has been around for a while and now the full Japan version of Stupid Liar is finally unveiled.

Tonight ( Japan Version)

Ms. Liar below the cut

Ms. Liar

Taeyang (or should we say Sol?) sounds amazing as usual I can frankly say, with all biases intact, that his parts are the best ones out of both songs for me. Hehehe. Ahem, moving on….

I always have mixed feelings about different language versions of songs because direct translations can often be awkward and forced.  As a non Japanese speaker, I can’t comment about the lyric translation to Japanese but I can honestly say the English raps for both songs are…er…entertaining at best.  Which is disappointing since there are often really good fan –made English versions of YG songs on youtube (proving good translations can be done if one has the knack for it.)

Maybe in the future, YG should just contact these cover artists and contract them to do translated lyrics or better yet, hold a contest and use the work of the winners.  There’s a lag between releases of the original and the next version anyway, why not put the fan efforts to good use?  It’s something to seriously consider if they plan on doing translated versions for their international releases. (The other option is to release only original music in each languages every single time. Which also works for me, because hey, more new music…)  What do you guys think?

2 thoughts on “Japan version of Big Bang’s Tonight and Ms. Liar”

  1. I like that contest idea, that would be awesome. A girl from the US co-wrote the lyrics to Bom’s “Don’t Cry” but it was in Korean. I read that she was one of Shaun’s friends. But yea, well-translated lyrics makes a HUMONGOUS difference for me.

  2. Lydia Paek is the one who co-wrote Don’t Cry. I do agree that they should reach out to those who make english versions and put them on youtube caz they usually do better translations

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