Big Bang on Hey, Hey Hey (english subbed) (11501)

Where Taeyang (and the rest of BB) continues their streak of acting goofy in Japan…

All in all though, we can always count on their Japan promos to bring something a little different from the usual with their TV guest spots. If this keeps up, I wonder if Taeyang will start doing more variety shows when he gets back home to Korea. Why keep all that crazy for special occasions abroad?

Thanks to 21BANGSTV2 for the subs and upload.

4 thoughts on “Big Bang on Hey, Hey Hey (english subbed) (11501)”

  1. Hahahaha, the boys are so crazy these days!

    I think out of all of them, Seungri’s the only one who dares to do impersonations like that….LOL

    He was very cute though, ahahha!!!

    and they really do look different compared to that debut video they showed them. They have really grown a lot =)

  2. I like to see they all act goofy… ’cause they’re all kids (ok, young men! ^^ ) and they don’t have much time to act their own age, they’re always working so hard! Is good to see they can have fun anywere!!! xD

  3. Anyo >>>>
    iam from the arabic fans 4 BB ….
    they ‘re amazing people
    also they’re so so so popular in the arabic world .
    I like this band more than u can imagine
    i like Taeyang so much his voice is awosome
    G-Dragon is a cute leader
    seoung -Ri is a crazy guy like me !!!!!!! HAHA
    T.O.P is so kind but a little bit crazy ……
    Daesong >>>>> O.M.G ha ha ha ha

    they are so lucky people because they met BIGBANG may be if i was on there place i would die!

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