BB cut on YG on Air Episode 2 (eng) and Mnet Wide MCD Spoiler (eng) (110505)

From YG On Air

Interview video under the cut

Mnet Wide MCountdown Spoiler (110505)

Behind the scenes footage FTW! Taeyang’s YG friends say that he has a mischievous side but it’s not often that we get to see that side on camera (where sincere and serious is still his default mode. Or was that used to be his default mode?)   He still seems a bit nervous taking a big part on the group interview for Mnet, but with a little more practice that could definitely improve.  Love that he’s putting himself out there more though – he’s definitely reaching out of his comfort zone.

Thanks to TheYGcrew and 21bangsTV1 for subs and the uploads!


4 thoughts on “BB cut on YG on Air Episode 2 (eng) and Mnet Wide MCD Spoiler (eng) (110505)”

  1. Hhahahah! I loved the YG on Air episode.. YB and the boys doing push ups was funny.

    Seeing him energetic, relaxed and confident is the best~~

    Not that I didn’t like his sincere and serious mode of course. ;P

    I loved the MNet Countdown spoiler too, it was so great to see YB being totally natural and playing jokes, would love to see more of this side of him ;D

  2. Man that 5 seconds of him dancing in the black tee–i think i replayed it a million times…5 seconds of heaven hahaha

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