Who’s the Strongest Backstage at MCountdown? (110505)

This is a video that needs no subtitles to get what’s going on.

Love how everyone was gunning to beat Taeyang.  Kim Tae Woo is hilarious – who would have figured the point difference would be so small?

Thanks to CrazyCarrotExtra for the upload.


6 thoughts on “Who’s the Strongest Backstage at MCountdown? (110505)”

  1. Now we know why YB spends so much time at the gym, in preparation for games like these. 😀

    Anyone else shocked at how close he was to Kim Tae Woo? I mean, KTW is like twice YB’s size! Who would have thought that such a little man was packing so much heat. Haha

    I loved that everyone was talking about YB. Guess they were surprised at his strength too.

    KTW is hilarious. “You’re gonna DIEEE!!!”.

  2. Hahahah, I couldn’t believe how close YB’s score is with Kim Tae Woo too. Guess all the work outs in the gym had great results! XD

  3. I love Kim Tae Woo ahhaha. He has to beat TY because he lost IU to Taeyang…which is fair lol..it’s so cute how happy he was. TY makes the cutest facial expressions.
    “I should have eaten tuna yesterday !” hahhaha YB is hilarious

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