Taeyang at Lush Concert (110429)

Big Bang performed at the Lush Concert at AX Korea Hall in Seoul last April 29 to promote Lush’s new line of fragrance products. It also signaled the return of an old friend. The caps are back y’all!

Set List was Tonight, Somebody to Love, Last Farewell, Lies and Love Song.

Fancams and Photos below the cut. Many thanks to 518% for the extensive coverage and Sol-mate for the additional fancams.


Somebody to Love



Last Farewell

Love Song


5 thoughts on “Taeyang at Lush Concert (110429)”

  1. The fact that the cap was back was the first thing that popped into my head when I originally saw all the fancams and photos!!!

    I hope he’s planning on bringing it back. YB in caps=super delicious YB.

  2. The caps are back! but is the Taeyang-style-cap-wearing back? I really miss his tilted hat wearing…

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