ATY’s 3rd BURTSDAY Project! [3rd Update]

May 18 is coming up and a certain somebody is turning 23 (24 in Korea)!  Since one of Taeyang’s often stated wishes is to travel more often (and this is an international fansite) we wanted to make a little Travel themed gift to send to Taeyang to remind him that it’s a big world and he has to get out there more often! Join us in ATY’s 3RD Burstday Project!! Time is short but we’re going to make this happen! =)

Post card messages:

  1. Email toozdae518@gmail.coma short message for YB (200 words max).  This will be included into added as postcards messages for him.
  2. Answer 2 questions:
      1.  What do you like about his music or how his music made an impact on you?
      2.    What is your birthday wish for him?
  3. You may sign with your real name or username and please include the country you are from BUT do not include personal information such as your email or address.  We will exclude all entries with these information.
  4. Letters should be in English or Korean.
  5. You can also send a picture or graphic with your message (this is not required and only a few will be used but it would help out with the final product). The picture or graphic can be
  • Represents your country or city, or would recommend YB to visit (keep it clean ladies, we’re not sending any pictures of your bedrooms). It can be your favorite spot (beach, mountains, clubs, park etc), food, sport, celebration/festival, artist etc. You can be as creative as you want.
  • You can include a picture of your Taeyang merchandize (Solar album etc) in the picture if you like.
  • It can be a drawing, photograph, graphic (ex: I ❤ NY) or whatever – you can be as artistic as you are able.  You can even do it by hand and scan it
ONLY 60 MESSAGES WILL BE INCLUDED!!We’re going to go by a first come, first served system, however we also want to get messages from as a diverse number of places as possible so we will also focus on trying to accomplish that.  We’re not sure how many messages we will get but it we get a flood more than we expect than I’m considering doing a personal dedication project with all the messages (like a video or something), but that’s just a far off possibility.

Date for messages have passed  

And a little gift:

  • Aside from the messages, we wanted to send YB a little travel themed gift from all of us. What it will be depends on how generous y’all are.
  • It’s really a token guys but we need your help in deciding so here is this nifty little poll which tells us which is most desirable. If we collect enough we’ll get him everything, if not we’ll just get him the higher ranked items. You’re limited to your top 2 choices.  Poll IS NOW CLOSED. 


DONATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.  We’ll keep you updated on how much we receive and a final list of what the items are. We will also be posting a picture update once everything is finally assembled and the book

Donations will go to printing of the book and  buying of the chosen gift, anything extra will be given to the Japan Red Cross.   We’ll take care of packaging and shipping to Korea.

So that’s it – questions, suggestions  and advice welcome in the comments below!  We’d really like you all to participate in any way you can. If you have any specific questions you can email me at or tweet me at @toozdae518 (I usually respond to tweets faster).

———— UPDATE 3————-

Gift Poll and Donations are officially closed as of now and we have collected all the messages.  Thanks to everyone who participated and were so generous!

We have collected USD 277 which, aside from the Message Book, is enough for the following gifts: Obey the Boston T Shirt, R&B Guide and the World Map . Unfortunately, the other 2 shirts on the list (Adidas and Pixel) are now out of stock and we don’t have enough for the bag.  So in place of the Adidas shirt which was 3rd on the poll, we will select an alternative shirt as an added gift.

With all the messages we have so far, our estimated costs for printing the message book stands at USD55  and there is also a cost of shipping it.  Anything left over after printing and packaging  is finalized goes to the Japan Red Cross as planned. The ATY staff will contribute the funds for shipping separately.

We will post more detailed information and pictures later when the message book is finalized and things have been prepared for shipping.

*We have collected over 90 messages and we will be including all of them in the message book 

Also here’s another snapshot of how one of the pages of the message book looks like (every page looks different but this should give you the general idea).


82 thoughts on “ATY’s 3rd BURTSDAY Project! [3rd Update]”

    1. We’re going to change the date to a week later or so, there was an error in the post…. Just keep emailing your messages 🙂 Thanks a lot!

    2. i was thinking the same thing too and here i was mourning and being mad the same time because i thought I missed it. -.- thank you for the question..
      and thank you bluemaid for clearing that up.

    1. We’re sending it to someone in Korea to deliver it, at least that’s how I think Kay is planning to do it.

    1. The little donate button should take you to paypal. (It’s a little bit wonky right now though so Toozdae should be fixing that link soon.)

  1. I am typing out my message now. I hope it makes it through! 🙂

    Ahh I’m so excited!! Thank you ATY admin for organising this project for the fans!

  2. I’m so excited! I was waiting and wondering what ATY was planning for YB’s birthday. And like always, it seems like an awesome idea.

    The presents sound really good. I guess we really know YB. Travel, R&B, and Boss….the 3 things near and dear to his heart 🙂

    Hopefully this turns out to be a successful venture, but I’m sure it will…this is ATY after all!

  3. Wow really awesome project guys! I hope everythingh goes well,good luck! ^^

    I voted for the two I did because I thought they were unique and one-off gifts: ‘World Map with sticker to track travels’ and the ‘RnB/Soul music guide’ – I can really see YB brushing up his English and trying to read it! haha I hope so =D

  4. Another great birthday project from ATY! Yikes, “only 60 message”, I will see if I can mine in but I will donate. I really love the gift ideas….a map to track his trips, bag for the trips, tshirts to wear, and a guide to soul and r&b to read…it kinda fits lol

  5. This isn’t meant as an insult, BUT in the US there’s books on relationships and being assertive in friendships and work. Since I want him to be in a relationship when he feels ready and have more friendships, I want to buy him a book on relationships/assertiveness too.

    I’m not sure how important knowing this information in S.K. is, but it’s a lifesaver in NA. I don’t know of any good titles, but English written ones are normally inexpensive. I’ll donate $30 for it.

    1. I don’t think we really want to send him a self-help book since that’s a bit more private than we want to get into as fans. We really don’t know his true circumstances and what would be appropriate. (And there are cultural differences as well which a western book wouldn’t capture.)

      1. I dunno. I know it sounds silly, but when I think about, he is just as human as you and me. Perhaps, it could spark him to maybe go to the bookstore or library.

        He says he wants to date and he’s likely more motivated than ever to be with IU(or whomever) so personal development after his promotions are done is something I can see him doing esp. if someone shows him that improving his relationship skills is an option rather than something he doesn’t think he’s good at.

        IMO, he’s open about how he thinks he’s not good at dating, so this is my response to it. Maybe, I’m seeing Taeyang as a friend rather than an artist, but I support Taeyang in any case.

        1. Speaking as a fanmom myself, its not really silly to worry over him ( I think a lot of us do) but as a fansite we don’t really comment or give advice on his personal life since we know he is very private about that and want to give him that space. I’m sure he appreciates that a lot of fans are concerned about him though!

        2. I was thinking of getting him that too but I also don’t want to comment on his personal life. His relationship status isn’t really our concern (though we want what’s best for him) and I think it’s something he can handle himself

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. It all depends on how much we raise and whether it extends to shipping. We’ll keep everyone posted on the final gift selection once the deadlines are over.

  6. Gonna type my message now!! Thanks ATY again for this awesome burstday project! 😀

    And only 60 messages will get through too. *fingers crossed that mine goes in there*

  7. Loving all the messages we’ve gotten so far. Send us more pictures too of where y’all are from. (Maybe he can visit someday 😉 For those a bit shy, pictures don’t even need a long message or much english (for the non-english writers among us.)

  8. Can you please inform us on which messages you will take so we can know whether or not ours is sent.

    1. We’re trying to send as many as we can so 60 is mostly just a bench mark. We will send at least 60 but likely more and if we have more than we can take we will let people know who made it.

    1. Either way is fine actually, however you feel comfortable. If one way is easier for you than the other than do it.

      The only issue that can possibly come up is that the message may not be readable if it’s in a picture. You can even send a picture (even one with a postcard design) with a few words on it (like Greetings from New York or Happy Birthday) and then attach a longer message that says what you really want to say.

  9. Awesome gift ideas! May I ask how much you’ve raised so far?

    Also, here is the video of Taeyang ranking 6th in the Idol Chart Show MR removed.

  10. i was wondering if you were going to do a project and I’m so glad you guys did , really thank you for giving us an opportunity to reach back to YB .. and for all the effort you indubitable have to put into this .

    i participated last year , my first time doing anything like this and it might as well turn it to an annual thing with you ATY 😀

    and i guess i won’t have to worry about mine being from a diverse place since I’m … from a rather diverse place

  11. awww I’m not creative enough to come up with something really special for a b-day msg… but I am REALLY trying to get sum PayPal issues resolved so I can donate! Hopefully I am ready in time! I really want YB to get that bag!! 😀

    1. you can also donate though major credit card too through paypal and not actually use paypal to make the payment. If you follow the payment link it’s at the bottom left of the page

  12. Hi I think (All Music Guide to Soul: The Definitive Guide to R&B and Soul Book -$20)

    buz taeyang love music so much ,, please were I send msg !!

  13. HI guys i live in Korea and I know where the YG building is. I am a big fan of YB as you all know! So if you want me to deliver the gift, I will be happy to do so and I’ll take lots of pictures at the building!!!

    1. ohhh that would be cool too. I think Kay knows someone in Korea but if she doesn’t then your offer would be amazing. I’ll let u know if we need you, but thanks.

    1. on the paypal link there’s a place to just pay through major credit cards – it’s on the bottom left hand corner and says “Don’t have a PayPal account? “

  14. wait for me~~~i will send you the message after i have finished my exam ^^, so excited since this will b my second time..whee~~~happy advanced buffday YB!! welcome to the 23 club..kekeke..

  15. The page layouts look so awesome!!!! Thanks for the email by the way, I feel happy mine will be in there. 😛

    So sorry I can’t donate or help in some way. I don’t have a credit card 😦 *sigh*

  16. WOOT IT’S MY 3RD BAEDAY CELEBRATING WITH ATY♥♥♥–just send my message!love you guys♥

  17. WOOT IT’S MY 3RD BAEDAY CELEBRATING WITH ATY♥♥♥–just finished sending my message!love you guys♥..and i missed you toozdae♥♥♥

  18. i hope messages that didn’t make that cut could still be sent though 🙂 since i know fans would put their hearts into their messages for Taeyang. OOOKAY don’t mind me, it’s just that i wish my message would still reach him coz i know it’s impossible for me to make the cut. awts haha. oh gahd. (sigh)

      1. haha, ooh don’t mind me :)) sometimes i’m just sooo pessimistic and paranoid and becomes Ms. Worst Case Scenario. I appreciate all of these though. :))

  19. i think all messages should be included in this thing~ cuz everyone put in their effort when writing it…

  20. It looks good guys! I still dont know whether to write him a message or not…why I always hesitate about writing him a message,I do not know : – |

    1. right?

      what i did was I opened up notepad, wrote everything on mind at the moment that I wanted Taeyang to know. then I closed it and left it there for a couple of nights.

      a few days ago, I looked at it and I ended up liking it so I fixed a few things here and there and sent it in. i hope it gets accepted, mine was kind of long too.

      1. but ya, it’s fine if ur unsure. i’m willing to bet that taeyang will like what you write no matter what.

        1. hmm what you said is right,he will probably appreciate it,and even if he doesnt,what I write won’t lose its sincerity anyway. I just might write a message now,you kinda encouraged me,lol. ^_^

  21. Just wanted to say Tooz….that sample picture of the message book looks AMAZING!!! I’m so excited now!

  22.’s been forever since I visited ATY,I’m writing my msg now,hopefully it’ll be chosen..aaargh! >,< btw that mug was so CUTE!!!!!!!

  23. So glad to know we have enough for the messages, printing and shipping! I still am so amazed at how great the book will look!!!

    Thanks so much Toozdae! and all the ATY staffs, for hosting this project~

    Hope our YB will tweet something about it at least….? hahaha, wishful thinking 😛

  24. So it’s May 18 in Korea….that mean Happy Birthday to our dearest Dong Youngbae!!!! Hope jvips treat him well during tonight’s concert and make it a night he won’t forget!!!!

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