Big Bang on Fuji TV Tokudane (110503)

Big Bang is certainly not letting the grass grow under their feet. After winding up their Korea promotions last weekend, they were immediately on a plane to Japan in time to guest on Fuji TV Tokudane.

Tonight  (Japan Version)

(For those not familiar with Japan broadcast practices, whole songs are not performed on TV programs – they are usually edited down. )

You can almost see YB trying to change gears in his head to start speaking Japanese again after being away for some time.  Doesn’t help that they are all probably exhausted from the recently concluded promos, travel and concert preparations . Wishing them all the best of luck for the tour and the month long promo period.   (Hope Taeyang enjoys his stay in Japan as much as he did last time – I’m always game for more hyper/silly/cracktastic YB.)

Thanks to SJBBwonderful for the upload.

5 thoughts on “Big Bang on Fuji TV Tokudane (110503)”

  1. nice~ hope they do have plenty of rest and get shopping time! <33 go go go *insert CL's voice* youngbae + BigBANG!

  2. oo..whoops. sorry. just noticed that bae and GD switch role near the end where the guitar smash usually takes place~ cool~

  3. Nice!! It was an interesting switch in the performance.

    Quick question. Has anyone noticed a recent uprising of antis? Not only video comments and discussion boards, but wikipedia as well. Just today, there were multiple edits to his wiki page with negative comments about his voice and relationships with random kpop celebrities. These trolls are ridiculous…

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