Big Bang Weekly Music Show Roundup (110428-110501)

Big Bang ends this round of promos with some fantastic goodbye stages on the music shows this week.

Performances under the cut

Love Song – Mcountdown (110428)

Winning MCountdown (110428)

Stupid Liar – Music Core (110430)

Winning the Mutizen for previous week Inkigayo(110424)

Intro and Love Song plus Winning Mutizen and Encore – Inkigayo (110501)

What a satisfying end to promotions before their Japan tour. It’s always a good idea to leave fans wanting more.  I thought these promos were  just right – some radio, some variety and some really good music show performances.   There hasn’t been enough time to become bored with the repetition and the boys look like they’ve been having fun.  Taeyang in particular has been looking and sounding amazing – he’s obviously happy and feeling good and it shows.  (And how about all the english recently? Loving that he’s been working at it and has been practicing.)

Thanks to CrazyCarrot for the uploads.

9 thoughts on “Big Bang Weekly Music Show Roundup (110428-110501)”

  1. Yay for the Triple Crown! Shocked that BB has won so many times with a repackage but what a way to send the boys to Japan. Congrats to them!

    YB has been sounding extra delicious in the LS/SL promotions. A bazillion times better than the Tonight promotions in my opinion. Now trolls better stop hating on his live performances goddammit.

    And YB’s English! He’s obviously been practicing it; he seems to be a lot more comfortable with it. Keep on practicing and he’ll be fluent in no time!

  2. YB looked and sounded incredible in that music core performance. black pants, black boots(i guess i like the boots, i dunno) black jacket and grey graphic tee…holy cow. For me, Taeyang in black screams confidence. His solo @ MC was friggen awesome. Eye contact with audience was getting better! yay. now for the camera too, ahah. I like the way he casually walked to the center and then forward and nailed it. BAM. i guess they did it that way in the previous performance, but MC captured it a LOT better.

    You know what, Seungri hmm… I’m not going to say it here but after watching radio shows and things with BB lets just say I respect Seungri less than before, tiny bit, lol.

    Did anyone read the fan-account by reallywally? It was entertaining and the way she wrote it was pretty good too, haha.

    i’m off to watch the rest of the stuff, bbl.

  3. honestly,i can’t stopped fangirling over YB in their LS/SL promotion,may it be on radios or music shows.what he wore,how he performed,and how hyper he was.everything’s perfect.

    really love their LS/SL promotion because they were having so much fun during their performances.specially in SL were they bobbed their heads,unsynchronized.each having their own interpretation.and YB’s so perfect during his solos.
    and their encores were always the’s like they can’t keep themselves

    now they will go off to japan.
    so,back again to waiting game for their korean comeback.hopefully.a full album this time with BRAND NEW songs specially the one YB composed in 21tv.

  4. Ohhh, these stages were wonderful before their Japan tour!!!

    I liked everyone’s solo bits in Inkigayo’s goodbye stage. Though I really liked M-Countdowns camera work better 😛

    Stupid Liar was awesome like always. I just love how the guys bob their heads during the chorus. The boys in black, but YB and TOP specifically, look amazing and sound great on that Music Core stage.

    But honestly, I’ve been loving the promotions they had with these two songs. A lot better and felt more like the real deal rather than Tonight. :)))

    YB’s English during the encore stages have sounded great, and I like that he’s practicing them during those occasions, XD

    I love how all the boys can’t keep their excitement and jump around like that XD Looks childish, but that’s the way i’ve always seen BB.

  5. I think I understand what you guys mean now when you say ‘strained’. Poor guys… esp at Inki.

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