Big Bang on Love Game Radio (subbed) & the Cultwo Show


Big Bang is ending promos this week before heading off to Japan and before they went they did a slew of radio promotions including Love Game Radio with Park So Hyun and the Cultwo Show.

More videos and pictures below

For Park So Hyun’s Love Radio on the 14th, however this wasn’t a live broadcast so there are no video cuts however the wonderful subbers at Big Bang Updates did sub some of the audio and so here they are.


Daesung Nervous About the Comeback

Taeyang is a Tease

Haha, I knew he was a big tease and I’ve seen him bully Seungri more than a few times, this is just confirmation. Seems like maknae is a favorite victim of his hyungs because all of them except Daesung seem to bully him.

Taeyang Wants to Partner Up With Park Bom

cr: Translations by Sara @,,, SBS


On the 28th, Big Bang did a performance for the Cultwo Show and did amazing. Here’s a linkย to their performance of Tonight, Love Song and Cafe (Big Bang Updates asked for fans to no reupload). I think they sounded a little strained but still wonderful and I’m totally in love with Taeyang’s vocals right now, he sounded great in Love Song and amazing when he and Daesung harmonized in Tonight. Here’s some wonderful photos too.

cr: DCInside and BigBangUpdate

8 thoughts on “Big Bang on Love Game Radio (subbed) & the Cultwo Show”

  1. YB looked so comfortable on Cultwo. His past guesting with them during his 2008 solo run was one of my favorites.


    If anyone has a fancam of the 2008 interview, I’d appreciate a link though. Can’t seem to find my copy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, and loved the BB performances on Cultwo this time around too.

  2. quote of soompi “no Taeyang gif again hmm i ask 180888@tumblr she said that is not her fault that there no Taeyang gif because she only getting them from Korean site i just wondering if KVIP boycotting Taeyang because of his fan. ”
    post by darkaz619
    n Why?

      1. Thanks for info.
        I heard of KVIP Don’t like him very often since debut until this day
        Makes me feel sad and crying

        1. it really depends on where you go tbh. If she’s going to the DC sites to get gifs then they’re probably wont be that many cause DCYB doesn’t do that many gifs so you would have to go to someplace like the outside solo fancafes which would be a little harder, esp considering some of them are locked and even the solo fancafes are not big on gifs tbh.

  3. I always knew YB was the bully of the group. He may seem laid-back and innocent but boy has a mischievous side to him. I can see them all bullying SR since he’s the maknae of the group. Way to take advantage of your age guys!

    And YES!!! BomBae is alive and kicking! I know I’m not the only one waiting for a BomBae duet. BomBae forevers and evers!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. BomBae duet!!!! They sound AWESOME togethah~~~~~~

    I loved it when they sang “You and I” โค

    Hahahaha, I loved the cuts – guess we can't go by his 'innocent' image anymore, hahaahah he's a lot more than that ๐Ÿ˜›

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