Big Bang Weekly Music Show Round Up (110421-110424)

It was a one-two punch this week with Stupid Liar for MBC and Love Song for SBS.

Stupid Liar – Music Core (1104223)

More after the cut

Love Song on Inkigayo Super Concert in Jeju (110424)

I’m telling ya, the bridge on Stupid Liar is fast becoming my favorite thing about this whole promo.  Loving the Stupid Liar  performances  since they are so fun (though the less said about the white leather the better.)   Love Song totally pwns in the fashion department though – BB in formal wear is always a welcome sight.  Taeyang has definitely been rocking those suits (and has been sounding really good.)

Thanks to CrazyCarrot270 and CrazyCarrot370 for the uploads.

16 thoughts on “Big Bang Weekly Music Show Round Up (110421-110424)”

  1. I know this is going to be so cruel, but i just had to share! It’s a verse from what-might-be an R&B song in the upcoming BB album in OCT!

    TY said Mr YG told him to make a few R&B tracks for BB, but he said he still doesn’t know how it will be used. BUT I LOVE IT! I HOPE Mr YG TOO!!

    1. ya, ATY made a post about this a while back. i’ve done the same thing too. ATY gets EVERYTHING YB-related, I’ve learned.

    2. mr. yg is secretly helping our yb make his next album by tricking hm into believing hes writing it for the group!!! LOL JP we can only dream..right?!!

      1. btw can anyone translate that verse..its sounds so peaceful and im dying to know what yb is singing..

  2. I love seeing taeyang in the formal attire. Reminds me of his wedding dress days. I miss seeing him in hats too! Big bang is so handsome, I can watch them all day and they always sound good live

    1. Oooh, I totally and absolutely agree with you about YB in suits!!! I loved the attire he wore in WD, but YB in suits – in general – I just really adore, haha.

  3. YB and the BB boys have definitely upped ther game with their comeback performances compared to the Tonight promotions. They’ve sounded freaking amazing in every performance of LS and are working the stage with their awesome personalities in SL. This is probably one of my favorite promotions of theirs since they’ve debuted.

  4. As usual, loving LS and SL (wow, back to back initials! LOL)

    I love their vocals in LS, and how YB is always sounding amazing in his parts. The boys are all great too, and I’d love to hear more of TOP in the future (if that’s OK with him, LOL), despite that he’s a rapper 😛

    This has to be the most energetic I’ve seen them since a long long time…. Way to go BB!! 😀

  5. i love LS stage , and the suits.
    YB sounds really good. My favourite part on SL is the bridge, too.
    now……i wonder what I should do in May 18th.

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