Big Bang on Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night Radio (110420)

Great performances from the boys inspite of being tired (and sick in some cases.) Big Bang’s got their mojo back and it’s great to see them having fun. Tayaeng sounds a-ma-zing.  He needs to get on the radio more – they all do.

Love Song

More under the cut
Stupid Liar

Big Bang’s Biggest Hits Medley (and a bit of LOAM and INAG)

Anyone who wants to watch the full show (unsubbed) can watch it on this channel.

Thanks to TheYGCrew,  YGgilbakk and aleeexbby for the uploads.

8 thoughts on “Big Bang on Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night Radio (110420)”

  1. All biasness aside, YB definitely sounded the best today. The other BB members sounded great too but YB was definitely the top dog of the show.

    I really enjoyed SL. BB was just rocking out to it, especially SR, ole crazy ass. And can I just say that I just love love LOVE PKL? She’s an awesome radio host and fantastic BB fangirl. Props to her for going crazy during their SL performance as well.

    I loved YB’s outfit. He really rocked the simple, but classy look. I love YB in cardigans for some reason.

  2. I want to hear more of INAG without music, or perhaps with a guitar or piano only. That would rock.

    Uhh, YB looked like “himself” here. I enjoyed that the most… The camera person captured a lot of good YB moments too. Watch the entire interview you would like it, it’s an hour long though.

  3. i really liked this radio show! they had really good shots of taeyang being his old self (HE loved it too, he kept making eye contact). and he sounded amazing! AND he was very playful! LOVE ITTTTTT

  4. They are all so CUTE and funny!!!! I just want to give them all a kiss on the cheek…Can’t wait going to Korea in July for the first time.

  5. Damn GD and DS were really sick. Poor boys, the whole group needs a proper rest.

    Anyway, I love the performances. I enjoyed them better than the stage performances ^^

  6. YB’s so damn good during his parts.
    i love the way he lost himself to the music during LS and the way he just bobbed his head up and down in the 3rd clip.
    i specially like how low range his voice during la la la.i dunno i just love everything.

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