Big Bang’s Music Core Comeback (110416)

Big Bang delivered expressive renditions of Love Song and Stupid Liar on Music Core.

Love Song

Stupid Liar after the cut

I thought the performances today were really good – the boys hit their stride and delivered passionate performances for both songs.  Stupid Liar felt energetic and fun and Love Song was emotional and involving. Vocals and dance finally gelled and were both on point.  This was the first time since they started music show promotions with the 4.0 /4.5 EPs that I really sensed they had fun with the performances and showed glimpses of the old Big Bang that made me a fan years ago.  I think the boys have finally hit their groove and I can’t wait for Inkigayo tomorrow. (Hoping for the return of YB’s bridge on Stupid Liar – fingers crossed.)

Thanks to CrazyCarrot270 for the uploads.

5 thoughts on “Big Bang’s Music Core Comeback (110416)”

  1. i loved their Music Core performances.
    Their entrance in Love Song took my breath away, beautiful. descending like angels 🙂
    Vocally they all sounded great and I’m definitely feeling their energy. I love how YB sings his parts in Love Song with all that angst! He still doesn’t sing the last line when he shadows TOP in his rap but I see that he changes formation then I’m not expecting him to anymore. 🙂
    Stupid Liar was exciting to watch. They all look like they’re enjoying their stage. Boys are rock stars! 🙂

  2. most favorite performance since their comeback.
    so damn proud of YB and the rest of BB for doing well here.yeah,this is the bigbang i knew and love.

    youngbae’s so gorgeous in his gray suit.can’t take my eyes off him gkfhrfjh
    i went crazy at his spin at the end:D

  3. These Music Core performances were LOVE.

    BB felt like they were having great fun on stage, and the performances were just excellent today.

    In Love Song, I felt like they were totally into it with the lyrics, all of them were spectacular in it.

    Stupid Liar was just so fun to watch, they were so passionate and having fun with the dances. They’re smiling! Oh, this definitely is my favourite performance of theirs since they’ve came back!!!

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