Taeyang Photo Scans From 4.5 Album


Big Bang’s Special Edition 4th Mini album is out and it comes with a beautiful photo book with some very lovely pictures of Taeyang.

check below for more photos


Source: 햇님아~ @ Bestiz and BigBangUpdates.com

While I’m sad that he seems really attached to his glasses I have to say I’m loving the pictures. Less is always more with Taeyang an he’s working the hell out of these simple suits and sweaters. And I love the picture on the couch, he looks amazing but my absolute favorite is the black and white photo.

9 thoughts on “Taeyang Photo Scans From 4.5 Album”

  1. Love the Black and White photo in the desert. I know I’m being fanciful, but it reminds me of those old movie star shots – Jimmy Dean and the like.

  2. Ah me likes YB in simple suits and sweaters 😉
    Hands down my fave pic is definitely the ones of him on the couch.
    I think he moved on from fitted caps to sunglasses. lol

  3. Is there anyway we have better qualities of these pictures. I love the picture of GDYB in the couch. My heart was trembling so much in the first time I saw it. 11 years of friendship? YEAHHHHHHH!!! GDYB forever.

  4. i love YB in suit and sweaters with simple style like this, but many pics with shades and i cant see his eyes 😦
    and i love GDYB picture …a lot… so cute together !

  5. I think he probably had a sty on his eye again to be wearing those sunglasses. Otherwise he always looked like he’s mine. LOL! J/K

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