Big Bang does Stupid Liar and Love Song on Inkigayo (110410)

It was studs vs. suits as Big Bang performed Stupid Liar and Love Song on Inkigayo for the first time… and the suits won.

Stupid Liar

Love Song below the cut

Love Song was the better performance for me though I thought both were pretty decent.  I think the boys will need some time to get used to the songs yet.  Sound engineering and mikes were off so it’s hard to say how much of it was technical inadequacies,  but they sounded a bit strained in parts.  It was also hard to appreciate the choreography with the camera work all over the place.  Maybe they should just simplify the Love Song choreography for future performances and concentrate on the vocals? What do you guys think?

16 thoughts on “Big Bang does Stupid Liar and Love Song on Inkigayo (110410)”

  1. Yup, Love Song was definitely the better of the two. Although it can still use some work as well. But I’m sure by the third performance, BB will have both of them down pat. Inki’s mics, sound system, and cameramen were definitely not up to par, pretty disappointed in them.

    But other than that, suits definitely kicked studs’ ass. And YB looked pretty damn hot and sounded great.

    1. I realize that they had to edit down the song because of time constraints but I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t include the bridge (YB’s part) on Stupid Liar. That’s my favorite part of the song! Hope future performances get to include it.

      1. i was pretty disappointed too cause i really wanted to hear YB singing the bridge of Stupid Liar. oh well, i hope we will get to see it someday.

        as much as i was excited to see the performances of both songs, i felt there was something not right. not their best but still it’s not entirely because of them.

        agree that there was just too much camera work too.

        hopefully mnet camerawork will be better.

        but them boys dancing in suits ❤

  2. The performance for Love Song was definitely my favourite. I think I (and the boys) will need to get used to Stupid Liar. I’m starting to like the song, there’s a lot of power and umph in it…

    and the choreo is definitely pretty cool, hahaha!

    I loved everyone in suits during LS! >w< I wonder how that'll change over the next few weeks of promotions though.

  3. i love both songs but for performances, LS won hands down. i thought the choreo for SL was pretty much the same old choreo with a few changes here and there. wasn’t really feeling it.

    the camera work was a mess too. they all looked really good though

  4. They look great and they sounded pretty great too,I didnt pay much attention to precise detail,so on the surface everything seemed fine.

    I love these two songs,they have grown on me! =D

  5. This is why I love ATY, we all agree lol. ^^ I’m sick of going in tumblr and just being discouraged by everything I read there lol.

    i love the “love song” performance. Well, maybe I am a little bit biased because I love LS more than SL, but I was just amazed at everything. True, inki cameramen and soundmen (?) were a bit discouraging, but from what I’ve seen, I love the choreo. Everyone were highlighted, and the transition between members, it was very smooth. Awesome. They could definitely improve from this, and I’m sure it’s gonna get even better in the future, and I really look forward to it. I definitely love it during YB’s turn – he just rises while everyone leans down, and they rotate around him. I totally loved it ^^

    But I’m NGL, I was looking forward to YB and TOP harmonizing in LS. But it didn’t happen lol aww.

  6. Both performances were excellent performances, but I like Love Song performance more. Their voices are clearer than “Tonight” performances, especially Tae’s. Lately, Tae has been doing that Chris Brown look when he dances, the thing with his lips hahaha

  7. i love both perfs
    i love GD’s hat – outstanding with his unique style
    and Bae in suit … ❤ so gorgeous !!!

  8. Yea, Taeyang and the choreo in Love Song was GREAT!

    I have to listen to SL a few more times, haven’t decided yet. Uhh, Taeyang’s solo was missing too as BM said, but that’s okay. I like to see changes and improvements and stuff over time so it’s all good. Good job overall!

  9. totally agree.
    Love Song perf pawns Stupid Liar perf in vocals, choreo, camerawork and outfit.

    i disagree in simplifying the LS choreo.
    it’s perfect the way it is.
    in fact, i love it!

    but i gotta say, although i’m YB bias, Daesungie’s vocals in Love Song is just… LOVE!!!

    i hate that they shortened the SL perf.
    i was also looking forward to YB singing the bridge of that song.
    i hope they perform the two songs in full at M! Countdown.

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