Big Bang’s New Songs from the 4.5 Special Edition

It’s here folks…

Love Song

Stupid Liar

The only other new song is Daesung’s solo here.

I’m still in the process of giving the new songs several  good rounds of listens.  After hearing the teasers over the past few days, I was expecting the rock elements but now that the songs are here, I’m not quite so sure how to feel about it.  I can see why the songs weren’t included in the recent 4rth Mini Album though. These new songs have their own vibe to them, more reminiscent of the GD & Top Vol. 1 album than anything else.  It’s going to be a grower for me. What do you guys think?

Production quality has been upped a notch in the most recent mini-album and this is also the case for the new songs.  One thing is for sure, I’m happy to hear YB’s voice on new material and he certainly sounds good to me here.  Looking forward to Inki and the live performances – I think I’ll reassess the songs around then.

Thanks to muffingalzz3 for the uploads.


30 thoughts on “Big Bang’s New Songs from the 4.5 Special Edition”

  1. I totally love them! Can’t wait for the performances either <33333333333 they voices are usual ^^

  2. i love the new songs. it sounds fresher this time round, doesn’t remind me of anything else out there in kpop. and i just love how the voices of the boys blend so well. and taeyang, i might be biased but i kinda feel his vocals keep getting better.. his voice, i am in love always each time i hear it.

  3. These songs were a lot different from those on the original 4th album. Definitely see a lot of GD’s influence, especially on Stupid Liar. After the first initial listen, I can already tell that it might take me a while to fully appreciate these songs (typical of BB’s songs for me actually).
    Stupid Liar is more like Tonight though, while Love Song sounds a lot different from the other kpop songs released right now.
    I like everyone’s vocals. YB’s sound, especially, is very refreshing and really upbeat.

    1. After a couple of more listens, I love how YB and TOP’s voices go together. I would totally appreciate a YBTOP album over a GDYB album.

      1. yes YB and TOP in LOVE SONG!
        i love that part especially~
        and i love FRIEND too!
        YB should do a collaboration album someday too!
        in that way we can have GDTOP, GDYB, YB-Bom and more.

  4. an instant like to me .. all three songs , i just fell for them and they so managed to redeem the little disappointment i had from the previous album 😀

    stupid liar would have fit perfectly in GD &Top album but I’m glad it didn’t end up there because taeyang sound amazing in it , it different and not a Big Bang kind of songs but it just become there new sound . i’m also thankful that love song didn’t stray away from what we heard in the teaser , i thought the teaser would be the only soft autotune free part but it turned out so perfect and sweet and i think i love that love song .

    Deasung song was also so smooth and beautiful i really hope he promote it , he did such a great job in it …

  5. i really like love song, its so soft.

    i love how YB parts are soft and soothing. and that he isnt straining himself to make him sound really high pitch. its just perfect

    stupid liar overall is okay, i really like daesung in there and YB and seungri in there, soothing once again

      1. I agree. Love Song is definitely the better of the two, not that Stupid Liar wasn’t good as well. Love Song was just what the kpop world needed.

  6. omg. top sounds really sexy in love song. who knew he had such a good singing voice. I’d say I like love song a little bit more but I’m sure stupid liar will grow on me

  7. oh ya, i’m excited to see the choreo too.

    i have to get this off my chest because it was bothering me… i stumbled on some Seungri fanblogs and occasionally they seemed somewhat bitter and upset even. i guess i was taken off guard a little by it.

    i am sooo thankful Taeyang has a great fanbase. thanks!

    1. i understand some fans of Dae and Seungri want them to have more lines.
      but it’s sad when they compare Taeyang with Dae . they have totally different type of voices
      Dae have great voice but Tae’s is emotional and heavenly to me.
      a fan even blamed it on GD for making BB into “GD-YB and the backup” it’s ridiculous

      1. i agree with you if the song is Tonight
        in these new songs, their parts are quite equal – Tae only has a little more lines singing at the end

        1. stupid liar isn’t equal at all. GD has like 30 lines while the rest of them have to share. SR only has 3 lines.

    2. i’m sorry to butt in like that.. but i shared the same thoughts as you as well.. i’ll quote what i wrote in some of the forums after some fans mentioned that da mini-album & SE album are being dominated by GDYBTOP – “who says these 3 are dominating the songs?? ALL of them have their parts in it.. GD has the most becuz he’s the songwriter.. YB/DS/SR have the same no. of lines (more or less).. people; it’s not fair to say YB has the most lines out of the 3 vocalists.. in the past; DS/SR had the most lines in their mini-albums/albums but did YB’s fans complain about his lines being little?? NO!! so; why can’t DS/SR fans do the same too?? if that’s the case; why don’t Big bang disband & let the members have their own solo careers?? that way; each of them have the entire song to themselves?? how’s that?? *shakes head*” i guess i was a lil’ too harsh but it’s the facts right?? hehe.. 🙂

  8. I really LOVED Daesung’s solo track. It finally does him some justice. I hope he comes out with a solo album eventually – something longer than a mini-album. I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with a few songs from him.

  9. Ehh I’m not feeling the songs that much but it’ll probably grow on me. Good vocals though. I agree with daesung getting an album!

  10. I’m loving “Love Song”!!!! It feels like something you can play in the car while driving on a long road on a sunny day! hahahahah~

    YB’s parts are great, as for “Stupid Liar” I think I’ll need the live performance to see…

    Dae Sung’s solo is amazing too, it really shows off his vocals. Hopefully he’ll get to promote this? I want to see this song live so bad!

  11. So, I looped play Love Song for my 3 hour drive today. And OMQQ I felt like I was in a movie. lol The emotions this men portray in their voices when they sing, MMMM, the quality of the sound as Love Song plays full blast in my car.

    Dae’s solo’s my second favorite though :]

    When I heard the teaser for Stupid Liar, I thought it was real messy. :/ I dunno, I felt unattractive to it, but hearing the full and repeating during work, it sorta grew on me. I REALLY enjoyed SR, Dae’s, and YB’s parts the most, though.

  12. yay,jiyong did it again.
    i’m in love with love song.tabi in the beginning of the song makes my knees weak.climax of the song for me would be the TOBAE part when their voice merge,ahhh so much perfection idek..YB’s voice is amazzzzing.
    this two needs to do a collaboration asap!but i wish they’ve given more lines for daeri tho:(

    SL’s good,tooi like it the more i listen to it.they took a risk with this baby.korea is not fond of this kind of genre so,i wish them luck on this one.
    i know that when they’ll do this song live it’s gonna be amazing.i wish they have an mv for this as well.

    and bb daesung’s voice in BDC is beautiful but sad that it made me want to curl up in a tight ball and cry T T cannot wait what he can do in the future.

    i’m still mad tho that they included songs from their,YG,i already bought all their solo cds!aish.

    1. That is YG promotion for you! I finally was so happy that I got BB’s 4th Mini, then they announced that they’ll come out with a 4.5, I was like “DUUUUUUUUUUUDDDE” = =

      I can’t afford to spend money on this album… despite how amazing the songs are!! It feels a bit of waste when I’ve already got their solo CDs and stuff… =\ and there’s only three songs I’m actually going for if I was to buy this 4.5…XD

  13. haha…you know what i have noticed after reading comments on forums and such?

    top, seungri and bae’s biased tends to like love song better than stupid liar. while GD n daesung’s fans like stupid liar better than love song. notice the song that the fans like is the song that their bias have the most lines in. lol…awww us fans are so funny 🙂

    i personally like love song better because i of the begining, it’s so soothing. i really don’t like GD’s nasal singing voice in stupid liar. it’s getting a little too much lately hearing it in BB’s recent releases :/ i like gd, but not his nasal singing. dae’s good in it though.

    bae on the other hand sounds great! actually, all three of BB’s vocals have improved and pretty much perfected their voices. love it every time their parts come on 🙂

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