Taeyang at 10 Corso Como X, Tattoo and a Tweet

Big Bang has been in collaboration with 10 Corso Como to collaborate on a clothing project. On the March 24th Big Bang attended the project event. The boys were looking hot if a little thin and tired (scratch that, make it very thin and very tired). And Taeyang was seen acting crazy again, scroll the video to 1:20.

cr: holysjm
More pictures below the cut


He was also sporting some very interesting fake tattoos that Corso Como were giving out that had his fangirls going crazy for a few hours(including a really cute one of Boss behind his ear). I’m just worried that he’s getting ideas from this.

Taeyang has been acting crazy enough in the past few months that I wouldn’t put a tattoo behind him, especially considering this was the guy that once had around 7 piercings.  Hope he’s at least smarter than to tattoo the name of a girl on himself though, because that would mean I would have to go to Korea to smack the stupid off of him.  Thoughts on Young Beezy getting a tattoo or his spazzy behavior?

He also tweeted a picture from the event as well.

“10 corsocomo X bigbang”

cr: @realtaeyang on twitter

Anyway, here’s more pictures from the event.


Source: DCBB and Bigbangupdates

source: 518%


15 thoughts on “Taeyang at 10 Corso Como X, Tattoo and a Tweet”

  1. Oh god BM….if YB ever got a tattoo of a girl’s name, there would be a massive fanmom invasion of Korea. Although those temporary tattoos were cute, especially the one of Boss with the crown.

  2. Man gd’s red pants are way to tight lol. Anyways, I think it’s cute and sexy that hes putting those fake tattoos on. At least its in small places and he’s becoming more westernized. Those are the places where chris brown have tats. And really? Yb had 7 piercings? Where!

  3. um..no tattoos please! Well if he wants one I say get something else..not that star..or Boss, even though Boss is cute. But anyways, taeyang looks super sexy! haha

  4. I don’t see what the problem is even if they were real. I mean it’s no big deal..if he does get some it’ll be his choice..he’s old enough to decide for himself..I think people are just overreacting..He still a down to earth guy..and if people were really his fans they would stand behind him no matter what..unless his choices were like really overboard..but that’s a whole different story on it’s own.^^ ~~

  5. The tattoos are adorable, I love the one of boss, it’s very cute. XD

    On the one hand I’m glad it’s fake, and on the other I’m happy he’s trying tattoos out, even if it is his loveable dog and a star “XD

    If ever he does get one, I hope he won’t regret it because it’s one he’ll keep for life (since it’s such a pain to get it off I heard).

    Just… not something stupid or too silly, I trust YB knows how to make right decisions – regarding tattoos anyway 😛

    As for the boys…. they look like they’re sleep deprived, both the photos and vids. YB’s the exception of course, crazy guy. hahahaha!

  6. omg watching the clip made my day.laughing so hard that i choked when once again YB’s being a dork.everybody went upstairs but him lol.i love YB’s own way of showing fan service.

  7. I can picture him with a sleeve or on his forearm…

    or giong down his side.


    but no stars!!!!!!!!! please no stars!

  8. if bae would tattoo a name of a girl,I WOULD DEFINETLY GET A TICKET TO KOREA just to say to him that OOPS!BAE YOU SPELLED MY NAME WRONG!!!LOL♥

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