Head Choreographers praise Taeyang as Top Male Idol Dancer

Sports Hankooki recently surveyed the leaders of five famous dance teams, asking them to choose an idol group member who they felt best excelled in dancing. Three out of the five chose Big Bang’s Taeyang, placing him at first; incidentally, these three choreographers are from Korea’s “Big 3″ companies – YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and SM Entertainment.

YG Entertainment’s head choreographer, High Tech’s Lee Jae Wook, commented, “There’s no other idol who could follow the strength, skill, and facial expressions Taeyang uses in his dance.”

JYP Entertainment’s head choreographer, Park Nam Yong, added, “His moves are clean and he’s exceptional at expressing his emotions.”

SM Entertainment’s head choreographer, Beat Burger’s Hwang Sang Hoon, praised, “His skill is exceptional.”

On the other hand, Play Dance’s Park Sang Hyun, who choreographed SECRET’s “Magic” and “Madonna“, chose Jay Park.  He reasoned, “Jay Park is able to take on dances from both the old school and new school. …Maybe it’s because Jay Park grew up in the States, but he doesn’t follow the trends and creates his own style.”

Prepix’s Ha Woo Sin, the head choreographer for B2ST, chose members Junhyung and Hyunseung.  “Yong Junhyung professionally pursued dance and dreamt of becoming a dancer before he became a B2ST member.  Because of that, every single one of his gestures set him apart from the other idol members.  Jang Hyunseung is your traditional practice mania.”

Although they were able to come up with a majority consensus on male dancers, opinions on female dancers were divided; 2NE1’s Minzy came out on top with two votes.

Lee Jae Wook reasoned, “Minzy has the ability of turning any dance into her own style,” while Park Sang Hun added, “Minzy is eye-catching.  She has great technique when it comes to expressing a dance.”

Hwang Sang Hoon chose BoA, explaining, “She has the power of dominating a stage. I’d love to be able to see BoA and Taeyang on stage together.”

Ha Woo Sin gave a big thumbs up to miss A’s Min“Min has great power and is also understanding of local dances, most likely because she grew up in the States.  I think she has a great understanding of dances, and is a great dancer overall.”

Translation: VitalSign@allkpop

Source: Sports Hankooki

21 thoughts on “Head Choreographers praise Taeyang as Top Male Idol Dancer”

  1. reading akp comments they are saying Taeyang is not versatile lol they sure didn’t watch his old video he was free styling like Jay when his was 16.

  2. I’ll say it again.. I want….NEED a Boa YB collab. It’ll be beyond epic. I don’t care if it’s in korean..japanese..english..engrish..even if they dont sing, and just have a dance stage..pleasse.
    And ofc people are going to say ‘so and so is better’. I guess that comes with these poll/ranking type articles.

    1. totally agree. i have been waiting for this for a long time. boa and taeyang special stage. ahh hope we’ll get to see something like this one day! even sm’s head choreographer feels the same, wow!

  3. I agree 100% with their choice of YB. Especially considering the choreographers’ reasoning behind their pick. Sure, other dancers might be more versatile or have better techniques. But YB is the BOSS at dancing with powerful, sharp, clean movements while simultaneously conveying the emotion of the choreography. You can’t help but get drawn into his performances precisely because of this reason.

    1. I do agree with you.
      I love YB’s dancing skills. I know in Korea, there are a lot of idols who are very good dancers but when watching YB dance, I can feel the difference. With YB, dancing is not to show off his techniques but for his passion. Firstly he dances because he loves it.
      It seems like he plays with the rhythm, we can feel the harmony between his dance movements with the song. And I think it makes YB’s dancing outstanding.

      Anw, it’s my first comment at ATY. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense.

  4. TY = the king !!!
    Jay = umh … maybe … the prince (omg i do want to see YB-JP collab on stage <3)
    b2st members – dont really know (i've seen their songs such as Beautiful and their dance moves are not so impressive )

    1. i think as far as choreo BEAST choreo for “Shock” and “Soom” was good. Beautiful was a cutesy song, so they kinda “dumbed down” the choreo. i don’t think that was the best term, but it wasn’t meant to be a powerful strong dance (for Beautiful)

  5. Love the way YB moves – its was one of the first things that caught my attention in the first place. And it was fancams of him freestyling in performances that probably made me a stan.

    Case in point – I love these:

    And this:

    You know how when there’s a really good song you end up bopping your head to the music without thinking about it? Like the music takes over a part of your body? YB is like that, except with his whole body – he can’t help but move! And the movement comes from a very natural place, he just feels the groove and has a real connection to the music. It’s not about the dance with him, its more about expressing the music with his body. More than technique and rhythm, its great interpretation and personal style that makes him a good dancer. When you add his training, swag and that unique flair he has to the mix – it makes for some great, great dancing.

  6. I agree with what everyone has said. It’s amazing how all the ATYers here have so much in common when we discuss things. ❤

    I can feel the difference between YB dancing and how other idols dance…. With YB I can feel that he's actually grooving (really moving and just bobbing) to the music.

    I know there are exceptional dancers from other idols or idol groups, but the feel I get from them is perfection and techniques… There's no his/her interpretation of the music with his/her body in there, like BM said.

    Dance, from what I've learnt in 7th grade, was to interpret music and express it with your body movements – YB is really good at this. Though I think KPOP in general shifts that perception a bit with aiming to be very professional and good at "dance"…. If you all know what I mean. 😛

  7. I agree too that he’s the dance king and I’m really glad choreographers from other companies recognize it as well.

    However, if we’re talking about singing/dancing at once.. well he’s just a prince, lol. I know he can do better since he has done it on point occasionally.

    Yes, a BoA and Taeyang collab please!

    As for Minzy, well I think she will be one in the future but is not the top female dancer yet.

  8. I spent hours online today, just watching Taeyang and Big Bang videos because I couldn’t take my eyes off of him due to his dancing ability! So I 100% agree with him being named #1 in choreography. I’ve never seen a dancer with a smoother transition from one movement to the next. He is in full command of his body as an instrument and so fluid. He could walk on water, his energy is that light!

  9. He looks so passionate when he dances. Young Bae is not a man of many words and is not the type to rely on jokes/gags like some of his hyungs, so whenever he’s put on the spot he lets his moves do the talking. It’s such a part of him. I’m sure he is incredibly honored to be recognized for his skills since it’s something he loves so much.

    Re: Haters. Yea really, people are ALWAYS gonna make some kinda comment about how someone else is better… but YB deserved the recognition, and I say this not as a Taeyang fan, just as a music/dance fan in general.

  10. YB is similiar like Messi / Ronaldinho beacuse they have a passion in what they want to do and of course natural gift from GOD

  11. Tae yang is really good at dancing, specifically hiphop dance…
    I really loved and appreciated the moves and feelings constructed to his every video especially the wedding dress and where u at music video…
    …. Taeyang for sure will last in Music Industry…
    How i wish more good luck! …. and Movie???
    hehehe …. Who knows!?!

  12. My fav freestyle of his has got to be that recent fancam taken of him and the other hyungs grooving to maknae’s ‘strong baby’ he was just so effortless, such a shame there’s no full clip but trust me those 15 or so seconds of the clip are priceless… Jal haesseo uri YB, noona’s proud!

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