Taeyang at Mnet Soundplex: Performances and Pictures

We did a preview post about a week ago of Taeyang at Mnet’s new live music show Soundplex and now the 2 part show has finished airing. The show incorporated a live band and an answer and questions session with the Big Bang members. Here is Taeyang performing the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” and his single debut track, “Only Look At Me“.

More performances & Pics under the cut, also Taeyang singing a snippet of “Just the Way You Are”!

Taeyang sings “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars (starts @3:47)

Big Bang’s Tonight, Cafe and Lie Acoustic

cr: theYGcrew@youtube



The performances were really good and Taeyang seemed really playful and happy during the whole thing. He looked great (loving the red and black) and he sounded great and he was really talkative. We’ll post the interviews once they’re subbed because Taeyang was rather adorable and did a short cover of GD&TOP’s Oh Yeah ft Park Bom. 

22 thoughts on “Taeyang at Mnet Soundplex: Performances and Pictures”

  1. A rough translation of just the YB parts, until it’s properly/fully subbed elsewhere…

    PKR asked BB to describe TOP’s body, since he never shows it:
    -YB: Don’t get mad. His pecs…
    -Daesung: His chest is like Jean Claude Van Damme’s.
    -YB: Yeah, it’s broad.

    BB receive receive envelopes with “To (member), ____ is…” questions from the audience:
    -YB: Ah… “To Taeyang, woman is…” [Someone] that I really hope to meet someday.
    -PKR: “Of course you should!
    -YB: I should, but I don’t think I’m ready yet.
    -PKR: [It’s especially funny/strange because] your songs are like about, “Look only at me. Even if I don’t answer you calls, YOU answer mine,” but then you turn around and answer, “I hope I’ll meet someone one day…”
    -YB: Yeah, this song came out about 2 years ago, and, actually, I was really taken aback when I first received it. Even now, when I sing this song, I feel like I’m still not able to understand/interpret it completely yet.”

    GD’s question was, “To GD, hiking is…” because apparently, he recently purchased hiking wear:
    -PKR: Then can we expect a hiking concept for Big Bang one day?
    -YB: Sure. When we’re about 30-40 years old, we could make our concept “hiking,” and shoot a MV in one of the lovely mountains in Korea.”

    DS’s question was, “To DS, bed scene is…”:
    -YB: Yeah, as soon as we arrived on location, the staff told us that DS needs to go right into shooting. We asked what kind of scene it was, and they merely said that it was a “sticky” scene. What’s clear is that since then – take a close look at his face – he’s become really sexy.

    About SR after the ToRi embrace:
    -YB: Actually, SR doing these things is, I don’t know… really unfamiliar to us. He didn’t use to be like this! ….Who do you hang out with these days?

    About YB’s solo performance:
    -Jung Won Young: During the talks earlier, you were really mild/well-behaved, but as soon as you got on stage…
    -PKR: Yeah, he’s soft-spoken, and then all of a sudden, it’s, “Put your hands up!!!” It was so cool, especially that mike stand move – how much did you practice that?
    -YB: I’ve practiced a lot of these little tricks [so that their in my back pocket.]
    -PKR: What other little tricks do you have?

    Do you have a proposal song in mind?
    -A male audience member laughed out loud when SR answered that he does have a song in mind, so PKR says that the guy is actually SR’s fan, that she was sitting next to him and he was really into SR’s solo performance. The fan quickly corrects PKR, saying that he’s YB’s fan, lol.
    -YB: There’s a song that I really like these days – the lyrics are very sweet. Bruno Mars’s “Just the Way You Are.”

    1. Sounds and looks like YB had an insane fun time. He’s joking around a lot more. Loved his performances, and it looks like the crowd did too! He was really interacting with the crowd a lot more; so much that they decided to drag him into them in the end.

      Haha at the fanboy making sure everyone knows that he’s there for YB…typical. At this rate, YB’s fanboys will take over the world. 😀

      1. Oh and I just HAVE to mention that I effing loved YB’s short little rendition of Oh Yeah. I swear I’ve replayed that section about 100 times already.

    2. THANK YOU for the translation silly. I LOVE it when I get translations of anything YB related. Thanks again!

    3. ugh!why won’t they let go of that woman/dating questions?i see why his answers were getting weirder cuz it’s been asked a 100X already.

      and yay for the fanboy!

      thanks for the translation:)

      1. the more he keeps bring up being single n that he’s still looking the more I’m doubting it’s true, lol.

        But yes, awesome fanboy is awesome. Can to support his boy.

      2. that kind of questions annoyed me 😦
        dont they have anything else to ask ?
        the answers will be predictable, like “im still looking for love” (maybe he is forced to say that)
        even GD , Top … cant tell their relationships in public (always like “i dont have gf now….” )

    4. Angel, you!. Thank you! This is more than enough 🙂

      YB did sound like he had a really good and comfortable time 🙂 And yay for that male fan ❤

    5. Thanks silly!
      I loved the setting of the show. very natural, and I love how much they involved the audience.

  2. i cant believe people forgot about this!!!
    i was looking forward to it being on big bang’s mini album

    1. yea..but if not. I’m hoping it’ll be on his next solo album (i have a feeling that’s where it’ll show up)

  3. he did really great during his solos.and i like the trick that he did with the mike stand.

    i love that at the end of lies the boys reached out to the fans.they were freaking out so hard that they even pulled YB lol.
    if i was the girl near him,i would have given him a quick hug 😛
    ahhh,he was happy during the show:DD

    1. yea he was SO happy. that was awesome. I am looking all over for a YB fancam of Lies. if someone has, post it plox. 🙂

  4. damn i keep repeating 3:47 @ the secnd vid.LOL.
    haha.not really obsess with the music of bruno mars,but when bae singed it,HAHA..DOWNLOADED.lol.hahahaha^^♥
    and since when for awhile becomes 1 word
    and silent L.
    “forawhie”.♥♥luv itt♥♥

  5. Loved YB’s “Just the Way You Are” cover… ❤

    So cute!!

    Really loved his mic trick as well, and got so~~~ excited when he took his sunglasses and jacket off!!

    He looked he really enjoyed himself in the show, and thanks silly for the translations!!! I can't wait to see the english subbed version~~~

    Loved how fans got hold of him during Lies, lol.

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