[Interview] GQ April 2011 (Big Bang) – Taeyang

When I read about Taeyang, the words that come up the most are ‘sincerity’ and ‘honesty.’
It’s something I talked about a lot.

Does that govern everything in your life?
No, that’s not really the case. It’s just one of those things that you’re born with, that can’t be easily changed, you know? It’s not so much that I’m trying hard to be that way. It’s just me, I think.

Have there been times when you wanted to change your personality? Some people just act on their impulses while you worry or overthink. And a lot of times, those results are better.
That’s true. To tell you the truth, I felt that way a little bit after my last solo activities. It wasn’t for very long, and it wasn’t so much that I wanted to change. But I think I gained a certain amount of confidence. It’s not “I have to change something,” but more a feeling of, “Ah, no matter what I try now, I can at least feel confident about this part.” I feel like I’ve gained composure or confidence.

A step forward?
Yes, which is why that time period remains very precious to me. It wasn’t exactly the solo activities themselves, but realizing that getting through those difficult times alone was a step forward. I tend to agonize for a long time over things that you can just take in stride and do, but now… I feel like I’m a little better now.

When I watch you on stage, two feelings arise. That [everyone] ought to perform that hard. Or that you are performing too hard. It goes beyond simply working hard – it’s like your life depends on it. There’s pleasure in watching a stage like that, but it’s hard to play [have fun] along with you.
I think pressure plays a role, too. I don’t know. Like I said earlier, I’ve always lived that way. So I was ruled by the thought that I have to be diligent about anything I do. A little excessively so.

You feel it’s excessive yourself?
I didn’t know then, but I feel like it was excessive when I look back now. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I can be that diligent now about something that I don’t like or that doesn’t really appeal to me.

Does that mean you’ve learned to let go a bit?
You’re right, that’s what I learned. I had this thought a lot after my solo album – that it’ll take a long time until my next album. Because it took a really long time to release my solo album.

That’s been the case every time you released solo material, hasn’t it? Redoing half the album after it was completed, for instance.
That was a sign that I was doing too many things at once. At one time, I thought, “From now on, it’ll take even longer,” but looking at how I’m doing right now, I don’t feel that way anymore. Things are coming along much better musically, and I don’t feel like it’s going to take so long. I think for the next album, I won’t have the kind of feeling I had in the past, and I’ll feel much less pressure, too. I think I’ll be able to enjoy it much more.

On the other hand, GD&TOP’s performances feel like they’re really having fun on stage. You’re probably together almost all day – what kind of effect do you have on one another?
We’re influenced greatly in all things, first of all, because we live together. They’re the friends with whom I share musical conversations most often, especially Ji Yong. Because we have such different dispositions, we can learn a lot from each other. And things that I find difficult to do, given my personality… Even though we do the same thing, Ji Yong would do it very easily, so I think “Ah, that’s something I can learn from him,” and so forth.

When you think so much, you end up obsessing over every emotion, right? You analyze and analyze, again and again, and in the end you come to a conclusion, but, meanwhile, don’t you miss your chance to date? After all, there’s a timing for everything.
That’s why I can’t [date].

Was it two years ago that we said, “Let’s meet after you’ve experienced many more temptations?”
I can’t. I don’t think I can.

Why not?
I don’t want to make any conclusions, but I have a tendency to observe people, so even after seeing someone for an hour or two, I find myself analyzing, “Ah, this is this kind of a person.” After all, there are good relationships and not so good relationships. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t want any bad relationships, but I try not to create such situations. But that makes it hard to form deep relationships, especially romantic ones. Now I find myself avoiding people I don’t like without even realizing it. It just seems better than seeing them and being burdened emotionally…

I noticed you spoke about your ideal woman in a recent interview. You said you like a western [non-Asian] type.
What happened was, I don’t have anything specific to say when reporters ask that question. I’ve liked someone very deeply before, but I never particularly thought it was my ideal, appearance wise. Because it was different every time. I mean, there’s no reason when it comes to attraction.

It’s just instant, right?
Right, it’s instant, and it’s circumstance. That’s why it’s hard for me to describe my ideal woman, so there are things I always say in formal interviews. Like, basically, someone who will understand me. You know, the obvious stuff. Someone I can learn a lot from. But then, the reporters ask for “visual” stuff.

They ask, “Like who, exactly?”
They ask this a lot, “Who among celebrities?” I really don’t have anybody. The one thing that’s true is that, ever since I was little, when I watched foreign films, or even when I travel – and this is different from actually liking someone – but I would see western women and think they were very pretty, so that’s why I said that…

Western features? Or figure?
Just the feel, I think.

It’s not a physical thing, but more a certain energy, perhaps?
That’s it.

What is the most stimulating thing for Taeyang right now?
This might be a really boring answer, but I feel the most stimulated when I’m in the studio. The reason I’m in the studio even when I’m not working is because I become inspired watching the hyungs work, and that’s how I start working on my own music, too. Recently, a guitarist was playing in Teddy hyung’s room, and it just caught my attention. Listening to those guitar sounds, I thought, “Ah, I should make a song like this,” so I’m thinking of writing a song that uses guitar. It’s like that.

That’s a good answer, but try to think of something outside of the studio.
I feel motivated when I watch young kids.

Yes, teenage kids. Kids who haven’t been tainted.

You think you’ve been tarnished somehow?
I think so.

You said that 2009 was a difficult year and that a lot changed thereafter. Was it then that you felt you were tarnished?
That’s right. I didn’t think so at the time, but now I think that was the case. At the time, I just hated it. I didn’t even know what “it” was. I just hated the situation, and as time passed like that… I actually saw the film, Black Swan, yesterday.

You saw a certain similarity?
It really gave me that feeling. So much.

What did you think of that girl – the ballerina who smokes and does drugs?
Lily? I actually liked her the most.

I’m not surprised. That kind of energy? I think I get it. Speaking of situations that don’t appeal to you… How was it with “Secret Big Bang” recently? You were Tae Team Leader, right? I laughed when you said, “I’m a man!”
You can write this or not, but honestly I did that because of the other guys.

Because everyone else was working so hard?
Haha. As you can see, my part is really small. I had the least filming to do, too. I told them from the start that I don’t know about this parody, about why we even have to do it. Honestly, there were other members who felt that way, too. It’s just one of those things we ended up having to do, and I never expected it to air on television.

You didn’t know it would be broadcast?
I thought it would just be for the concert. I actually never even saw “Secret Garden.” They told me what kind of a role it was, so I started preparing. Then they told me I had to wear a wig, and I said I wouldn’t wear it, that there was no way I’d wear it. I went at it with the staff for about 30 minutes, “I’m not going to do it. I won’t do it.” They finally said, “Fine, don’t wear it if you don’t want to.” But when I got there, Ji Yong was already in drag. It just seemed wrong to refuse then, so I went along without complaint.

At first, I thought Big Bang took the easy way out with this album. But the more I listen to it, I think it’s clever. Do you like it?
In terms of satisfaction, it’s my favorite Big Bang album so far. We spent a little more time and effort on it. We had a lot of discussions among the five members. Anytime you put a lot of effort into something, regardless of whether the result is good or bad, it means a lot to you. I think this Big Bang album has that kind of meaning.

G-Dragon once said, “In the beginning, I thought we just had to appeal to the Korean public. But now, I think we have to make it suitable for the entire world.” He also said that he can do it.
(Gesturing toward G-Dragon) That’s him… I couldn’t do it. I… how should I say it… I’m still trying to make music that I can be more satisfied with.

Do you get the sense that if you’re satisfied, the public won’t be?
That’s not necessarily the case, but I don’t know. So far, I think…

You still want to satisfy your own desires?
Yes, if it’s something I like more, I get the feeling it’ll be harder for the public to appreciate yet. At least – yet. I don’t know. Whether that’s just the Korean public, or even how the international public would respond -that’s something I don’t know.

Don’t concern yourself over things like that.
I don’t anymore.

It’s best to just do it. Who would complain anyhow? You’re Taeyang. Haha.
But I think what Ji Yong said, about trying to adapt to not just the Korean, but the international tastes, is really nice. I often had similar thoughts while preparing my solo album. Even if it’s not greatly recognized in Korea, I wanted to show people in other countries, “Wow, there’s someone in Korea who makes music like this.” From that perspective, I think Ji Yong and I communicate a lot better than before.

It was great to see you dance while waiting for the shoot. What are you like in clubs?
I just dance. I don’t drink.

Have you ever lost yourself or felt high?
A lot of times.

Without even drinking?
Yes. One thing I want to say is that I don’t need alcohol to get to that point. Dancing is more than enough. I think that’s why I love dancing so much.

Fifteen minutes of dancing trumps a bottle of whiskey? Then what about singing? Do you sing while thinking of the public or the audience?
When I’m singing alone, I truly become the lead/main character of the song. Especially if the lyrics are sad…

What if it were a song like, “Yesterday I took drugs, and today I raped someone and drank alcohol”?
Right, just like that. Honestly, when I’m alone I think I get even more absorbed in songs like that. Especially when I’m in the shower, it’s almost like I’m making a music video. Those are the times I like the best.

I suddenly feel swept by loneliness. How do you feel about interviews? No matter how good the atmosphere is, you can’t be 100 percent truthful. It’s an inherent limitation of having a recording device present.
That’s right. I think interviews in general aren’t a good match with me. The reason I prefer magazine interviews like this is because, rather than following a planned script, you can speak comfortably with each other and have serious conversations. And depending on the situation, I can communicate my thoughts 100 percent. It may not happen every time, but I like that I can reveal my feelings at least a little more.

Do you ever think you would like people to view you a certain way?
About two years ago? I think that thought was really central at the time.

At the time, what kind of person did you want to be viewed as?
Just the honest and upstanding image that people had of me. I think I was stuck in that mold without even knowing it. I would try to say things that fit that image a little better instead of just saying what I really felt. Looking back now, it was all… I think it’s better to show my true self.

You’re sick and tired of it now?
Yes, I can’t do it anymore. But, honestly, at the time I wasn’t trying to be like that. It just sort of happened. I thought the situation called for it.

Sometimes, when you feel like you’ve changed, the past can come back to haunt you. Do you have any regrets?
Since the moment I decided to become a singer and became a trainee, I’ve never regretted anything.

Have you ever envisioned a different hairstyle?
I’ve never once imagined a different style since getting this cut. That’s why I can’t change it now.

Why is it only long in the center?
That’s because… It would be strange if the sides were long and there was nothing in the middle. Haha.

How far do you want to go, musically?
I want to reach the sky.

All the way to your death?
Well, that’s probably not possible but…

What kind of song will you be singing at age forty?
I guess I’ll still be doing my music.

By then, will you drink occasionally?
It doesn’t feel particularly good to drink.

I keep getting the urge to talk about women.
Go ahead and ask.

Say you met a really attractive girl, someone with the kind of energy you want. If you miss her today, you’ll never see her again. What would you do?
But I think if it’s someone I really like, I’m not so lacking in confidence that I couldn’t approach her.

Then what would you say?
I’ll be like, “Do you like puppies?”

Because I love dogs so much.

Then I’ll ask a little more plainly. You want to spend the night with that sexy lady over there. What do you do?
… That’s really hard. I don’t know what I would say. Teach me.

Um, well… Do you have any desires/greed outside of music? I want to see a dark side of you before we end this interview. What’s the thing you’ve wanted to possess the most? An instrument, perhaps?
Haha, no. I want to learn them, but I don’t have a desire to own them. Actually, that was my worry until pretty recently. I’m making money now, and I’ve even bought a car. I used to save up for months in order to buy an item of clothing I wanted, and I don’t do that anymore. That’s a little bit worrying.

You really do worry over nothing.
But if we’re talking about material possessions, one thing I’ve always wanted since I was young is a house with a yard. I want to raise a big dog there – an Italian dog called the Cane Corso. It’s like the Japanese Tosa. Totally black, big with a really cool silhouette.

What kind of advice does G-Dragon give you?
It’s more like he gets frustrated with me. Before it was, “Why are you like this?” Now he says, “So does that make you happy?” Haha, I think he gets really frustrated.

Most recently, what made him say that?
To tell you the truth, we’re guys, so for instance when we’re done with work and our schedules work out, he wants to go out, have some drinks and check out the girls. But I say, “Then I’m not going.” From his point of view, it’s frustrating. I can totally understand, because I want to hang out with him, and I’m sure he really wants to hang out with me in those settings.

Then you really don’t go? Aren’t you even curious? You won’t know until you go.
I feel like I know what kind of feeling/atmosphere it’ll be. I already sense that it’ll be unappealing.

Music and dance – maybe you’ve already experienced too extreme a pleasure.
That’s the biggest thing for me. I even think the love that exists in this world is imperfect. I realized that a little early. Having met a lot of people, observed a lot of people, I realized that the perfect love that I envisioned doesn’t exist.

Isn’t there something appealing about the uncertainty, itself, though?
Uncertainty doesn’t attract me, I think.

Then perfection only?

Editor: Jung Woo Sung

Translations by Sylvia@ALWAYSTAEYANG.COM | Do not remove credit when posting elsewhere

Thanks to DCYB and YB Mania for the photo scans.  Original scan of article here.  

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  1. Thanks for the translations Silly and BM! I’ve read translations on other sites and they definitely didn’t give off the same vibe this translation did. The way it was translated on other sites, YB came off as kind of rude, which we all know he is not.

    To me, this interview was all right. Would have preferred a certain other interviewer but I guess things have to be switched up sometimes 😦

    I just hate that he kept on asking YB about women. Dude, we get it! He’s never had a gf and he doesn’t really have an ideal type. Lay off the questions about his lovelife, or lack thereof, already!!!

    Also, the follow-up questions could have definitely been better. From GD’s GQ interview, we know that BB’s managers’ weren’t there. The editor could have asked YB anything! And yet, the questions were kind of superficial to me; they just barely skimmed the surface of YB.

    I wanted more in depth questions about his music. Like how he really felt about his solo ventures, especially with him just finishing Solar promotions last year. Or about how he felt about coming back with BB after such a long hiatus. I wanted to know more about what he thought about kpop now, after being away for so long; how he thinks it’s changed.

    All-in-all, it was an alright interview. It wasn’t badddd, just not what I thought it would contain. Guess I expected more since I’ve loved all of YB’s previous GQ interviews. I think I’ve been spoiled.

    OAN: I should be studying for my exam I have tomorrow morning, but instead, I’m reading this post and commenting on it. Oh ATY, what you do to me when you release news about YB! 😀

      1. Thanks! I’ve been lazy though…everyone keeps on yelling at me to focus and study but I keep on getting distracted. Haha

    1. I actually thought this interview was pretty compelling and lives up to the previous GQ interviews. The author sounds like he really knew Youngbae as a person and performer. There were some pretty great questions about his music and personality.

      Sure beats SRi’s interview where they talked about being sexy half of the time! lol.

  2. And this is why I should have read ATY’s translation before anybody else’s. Thank you Sylvia!

    This is a good interview. I think I saw a change. Last time he used to say he liked driving and travelling a lot and at the same time ideas for a song would come to him. Now it’s the studio. Whatever Teddy was playing must be really good.

    The puppy part was funny but if he were to meet a girl for the first time and asks that, it would be weird…no? Anyway, I think I’m with GD, I’m a little bit frustrated that he chose to stay instead of going out more but now that I think of it, it saved him from embarassing moments in front of girls *coughGD-SNSDcough*. Oh well.

    The hair part was funny too hehe I was imagining YB with no hair in the middle and the side raised up high. Weird xD

  3. Thanks for the interview. I just finished and I’m a little speechless because I’m not sure how to respond to this. As always GQ and YB gave us a really honest though encrypted interview. However the honesty had a different “energy” this time around. Youngbae sounds like he matured a great deal but jaded, almost sad about something. He’s so focused, now knowing exactly what he wants, that he gives up opportunities to experiment and to have fun. YB has aged a great deal. He still has that very attractive ambition, but it feels quieter, cautious, and skeptical, but wiser.

    This is such a different Youngbae than the one I knew and I’m seeing on stage and in those famed Nikon photos. (lol) I can’t put a finger on exactly why, but this interview left me a little somber and heavy hearted.

    1. He’s in the middle of coming to terms with his own hopes and fears – becoming more realistic and more grounded on both ends of the scale. I guess its sad because his idealism can be such a burden, but at the same time, having hope and dreams are important too. Finding the balance is part of growing up and I guess that’s what we’re seeing now — that he’s growing up and learning what’s worth compromising on in order to be really happy. Its a struggle that all of us face, its just he’s doing it in the public eye. I realize that we’re only seeing a part of it, but even the little he has shared through his interviews shows so much openness and vulnerability its astonishing considering how private he is.

      1. I sense this maturity too, even wisdom. I can relate since I’m only a few years younger – going through college and putting my dreams to the test. I think compromise is the best way to describe it. There are things that had to be given up. There’s a point when you realize your fears are as real as your hopes.

        1. I think, as a fanmom, that’s what I find so sad. That period when reality and dreams collide and you have to find a compromise? Its the worst part of growing up. I guess that’s why children are so inspiring – their innocence and idealism are still fresh and they don’t have to edit their hopes because experience hasn’t broken them yet.

        2. The end of the interview had this feel. If I didn’t know him as I do (lol) I would say he feels defeated. It might the case too.

          This line really hit me hard:

          “I even think the love that exists in this world is imperfect. I realized that a little early. Having met a lot of people, observed a lot of people, I realized that the perfect love that I envisioned doesn’t exist.”

          Yet he still says he’s doesn’t like uncertainty and only looks for perfection.

      2. I actually felt a little bit more somber and heavy-hearted after reading this interview too. Maybe it’s because I feel like he’s trying to shed his past ideals and feelings, but it’s been an uphill battle for him. Being in the industry he’s in, YB’s life isn’t just for him. I think the added pressure of being in the spotlight is draining him somehow. He has to think of how he views himself and of how the public views him. He wants to break out of the mold he’s cast himself in, but being the way he was for so long, it’s hard. He has to strike that delicate balance between becoming the person he wants to be and the person other people expect of him.
        I feel like his maturity has brought a more somber side to him. He definitely doesn’t seem as innocent in his ideals as he used to be. I guess growing up does that to a person.
        I want my poor little innocent YB back!!! (sorry, fanmom in me :D)

        Okay…definitely back to studying! No more commenting from me until the weekend, for sure! (let’s see how long that’ll last. Hahah)

    2. To add:

      I find it interesting that Taeyang finds similarities with the character Lily in Black Swan because from the interview, I perceive him being the antagonist to Lily, Nina instead. He’s rather strict with himself, avoids troublesome people and places he rather not deal with, disciplined and diligent with his work, all characteristics that be belong to Nina. Lily is more free-flowing, fun-loving, lets-not-think about consequences type of person. I wish he explained this further.

      Also, there’s something so brutally honest about YB’s answers that made me feel really close to him because he has shared this with me, but at the same time we are strangers because I still don’t really know him, and how he thinks. Its perplexing.

      1. I know exactly how you feel – how can I feel an affinity to a complete stranger on the basis of these interviews? And yet I can relate – with being frustrated when results arent going as planned inspite of massive amounts of effort, of being cautious with plans and relationships, even with not wanting to get into the “normal” dating scene because it wont end in the kind of relationship you are looking for. Its something a lot of people can relate with I think, and it shows how human YB is.

        My interpretation of the comment about Lily was that he actually identified with Nina, but wanted to be Lily. I guess he feels the burden of being a perfectionist too and sees Lily as being more balanced?

        1. Reading that part again, your interpretation makes much more sense. I think he felt the ‘tarnish’ that Nina went through to be ‘perfect’ for her role as the Black Swan. I’m starting to see the parallels between the conversation and the film. 🙂 This is quite intriguing actually.

        2. To clarify: Yes, it’s Nina that YB identified so strongly with. And like Nina, he was drawn to Lily, who was so liberated and different.

    3. oh same here, despite the funny parts, there’s something sad about this interview. It’s gotten more serious. You guys explained it well.

  4. Your translation gives me a better feeling than iBigBang which felt more literal. I like ATY better. BUT, it felt like the interviewer was trying to get Taeyang to admit that he’s done something awful. The interviewer kind of annoyed me, but that’s okay, ppl will be ppl.

    1. The other translation was off a Chinese translation that summarized a lot of things and left out a LOT from the original Korean – not just in literal meaning, but in feel. We’ve tried to keep this translation as literal as possible and its as close to the original as we can make it.

    2. I read that one too and it’s completely different but it was translated by bigbangupdates. Thanks guys for this!

      1. Bigbangupdates is a great site. The source material is probably what accounts for the large discrepancy in translation, along with the fact that it was translated twice.

  5. Thank you very much for the translation! This is definitely better than the other one XD Totally appreciate it 🙂

    I feel like I got to know more of YB’s personality through this interview. I’ve always wondered why he seems to be different from the other BB members – why he’s not as outgoing as the others, although he really gives his all in his performances. I also wonder what happened to him that made him “tarnished”… because I think that was the turning point for him, if any. There seems to be more that we don’t know, but I really appreciate his honesty in these interviews.

    I hope he gets another solo gig. I love solar so much, although really, it gets frustrating when it’s not as popular (or at least it wasn’t along my group of friends who listen to kpop/BB stuff). And I hope he gets to hang out with BB more outside of work. I mean, he can still be with them, and if they drink, then he can always get juice ^^ I know I do that most of the time, hehe. I just want him to get some love too, because honestly, it irks me to see others saying that he’s “forever alone”. 😦 It makes me sad, really.

    And I want him to be happy and free. I agree with tofumon, I feel like he’s really cautious at a lot of things, almost as if he doesn’t want to make mistakes, but with that, I feel like he’s limiting himself. I dunno, but this is what I think – you can’t really achieve perfection unless you’ve made mistakes because then you gain experience.

    Ah, this really made me love YB more. 🙂 I feel like hugging him really really tight XD

    1. I know what you mean! I want to hug him too…as to make him feel better as well as myself.

      I think he still needs another vacation. Take a sabbatical even. lol.

  6. another interview to catch a glimpse of his personality…
    thanks for the translations^^

    “I’m still trying to make music that I can be more satisfied with.”
    i hope he will always make music that he can be satisfied with, for me i like musician that can enjoy their music without worrying will how much people that will like it, about it’s popularity

    hmmm… i wonder is the interviewer for this interview is the same as his previous GQ interview??

    1. no it’s a different interviewer. He has interviewed YB before but in 2009 I think. Nov issue. The one that interviewed YB all last year (he had 3 GQs last year) was someone else I think

    2. This interview was conducted by Jung Woo Sung. He may have interviewed YB before, but I believe all the major interviews YB did with GQ (including the Nov 2009 issue) were conducted with Jang Woo Chul, who interviewed GD this time around.

      I love Jang Woo Chul because of his genuine respect for and camaraderie with YB (and because he’s, well, AWESOME ^^), but I thought this was a nice change of pace. Besides, I’m sure JWC will have plenty more chances to interview YB in the future. ❤

  7. Reading this interview twice, I did feel a bit heavy-hearted. It was another intense YB soul-baring c/o GQ.

    Our baby’s growing up, and becoming less of an idealist, but there are still some conflicting emotions so he hasn’t come to terms with it completely yet. I don’t know if something happened that triggered this. He’s more confident and secure with himself now and not as eager to please as before. At the same time, he seems less trusting and more guarded. A little too quick to judge and generalize people, avoiding those he doesn’t like/who could potentially hurt him or burden him emotionally

    In the past, he struck me as this huge romantic who wanted his first to be his last. I was honestly worried about him since I didn’t think he was being realistic. And now he says this: “That’s the biggest thing for me. I even think the love that exists in this world is imperfect. I realized that a little early. Having met a lot of people, observed a lot of people, I realized that the perfect love that I envisioned doesn’t exist.” I’m glad he’s realized this but at the same time the way he said this seems depressing. Like he experienced a paradigm shift or something but he’s not optimistic about love anymore. It’s like he still expects perfection which he already knows he can’t find/does not exist, so he doesn’t really want to search anymore.

    I think I experienced these as well growing up until I finally found my happy place. I hope YB finds a way to come to terms with his realizations about life and still be happy about it. This is so different from the YB we’ve been singing twirling around everywhere.

    Did all of the boys get the same interviewer? I don’t remember sensing this kind of mood in the others’ GQ interviews. Or maybe it’s because this is YB so I dissected it more 😀

    Thank you to ATY! 🙂

    1. No they had different interviews. GD was interviewed by the guy who interviewed YB all last year. I wished he interviewed YB but I guess it was time to switch it up.

      Actually YB (in another GQ interview in 2008) made a similar remark about love, how a lot of people think that he’ll marry the first woman he meets but he says that the 1st woman u meet doesn’t represent everything.

      Honestly this interview left me more worried for him than anything, it’s a lot darker than I expected it to be, esp considering how crazy he is, that I wonder if he’s ok. I’m happy he’s more relax but I also want him to get out more, even if going out drinking isn’t his thing, he can probably find something else to do. Stop making us and GD worry so much. And judging to quickly can be a bit of a problem, though I’ve done that myself. Even people you don’t like can help you in better understanding the world.

      And this “tarnish” thing just reminds me of how when he was young he was, by all accounts, more open and confident and something happened when he grew up that changed him. Maybe that’s why he likes children so much, sees in them whatever innocence he lost.

      While BBU’s translation was iffy at least it left me happy, this one just makes me sad tbh.

      1. LOL – I think he gets out (and we have pictures to prove it), just not the clubbing type I guess.

        It’s such a contrast to read this interview in relation to how he’s been acting lately. I’m hoping that he really has been feeling chipper and that he’s not just putting on a happy face for the public. Maybe we’ll find out the real score in the next GQ interview 🙂

        1. he has his up n downs i think but he’s definitely more up these days. But you know how he is, can be moody n GQ may have caught him in an off day.

          But yes, we can trust YB n GQ to give us the real deal. This interview is very him, kind of dark but honest.

        2. with the way he’s been acting recently, i really expected a happier and more upbeat interview. i wanted the dish on why he’s been so hyper lately! i was very surprised that he was thinking/experiencing all these at this point of his life, but you’re right tooz he has his ups and downs. i worry but i trust he’ll get through this. 🙂

  8. Well the bright spot in all of this (rather gloomy) commentary, is that YB says the music is coming along really well. I’m cautiously optimistic (remembering “the album is complete” means he could think its crap tomorrow and throw out the whole thing) that this means he’s actually composing and working on his own stuff. Maybe he’s hit his creative stride for a bit? So excited. I’d be happy with a non-promoted digital single to tide us over in the meantime between albums. Or several singles. Heck I’d be happy with remixes of his old stuff.

    And where did he recently say that he might drop a single sooner than expected? Or did I just imagine that?

  9. This interview was a great read, but it does leave me worried. Like everyone else says, his views on love and seeing teenagers and children does make me think he realised he needs to compromise.

    With all the right and wrong people I have met… Experience comes with seeing all sorts of people. You might not like certain types of people, but it doesn’t mean you have to avoid/change your routes/plans completely to avoid any interaction with them….

    I understand him with the clubbing/partying part though.. I’m very much the same with YB on that one… After going to some myself… I really don’t think I suit. =\

    I still love YB, and I love how he mentioned his music production activities (if that is what he is saying?) are going well! Maybe we’ll see something drop soon? It’s hard to say really, knowing YG and their schedule stuff…

    but anyway, back to our boy…. I hope he can find a happy ground for himself in this tough industry. =\ At least then, I’ll be sure that the performer and his energy I see on stage, is the same as how he is off stage.

    We’re all fanmoms rather than fangirls I guess! Hahah!

  10. love this interview.. its unconventional. Go ahead GQ, pry YB about his women preferences…We all want to know.

  11. It’s interesting that so many people came away from this interview with a heavy heart. I have to admit. I felt similarly when I first read it, but then I go back and try to pinpoint why I had that response, and really, it’s just a few particular exchanges. Overall, it really wasn’t such a doom and gloom interview. It was frank and thoughtful, as we’ve come to expect from YB, and there were plenty of moments of levity.

    I think maybe YB’s final words colored my impressions a bit. It’s like he feels such burden from the desire to be perfect (see the Black Swan reference), and yet it’s such a big part of who he is. It’s probably going to be a constant struggle for him to reconcile it with the reality.

    People wonder what happened in 2009 to make him this way. I doubt anything specific happened. Like he says, it was just the situation. He’s maturing, and sometimes reality can be a rude awakening for someone with such innate idealism.

    Anyway, I’m just rambling. I have no idea what I’m talking about, lol. Or rather, I have vague notions in my head, but I can’t quite put it to words. It’s interesting, though, that everyone here found the interview so somber. I don’t think that was the general reaction on the Korean sites. Hmm. Who knows, maybe I let my impressions color the translation! Or we really are just incurable fanmoms. ^^

    1. YB does says that his fans tends to worries a lot just like him, the comments in this interview proves that..

      I wonder how the korean fans react about this interview?

  12. I really have nothing to add after all these spot-on comments, but I did love reading this article. I was also bothered by all the love questions. The interviewer starts out asking, leaves it alone than HAS to come back to it. I seriously could care less about his love life at this point after hearing the same q’s being asked over and over. But other than that no complaints. Being the same age as YB, I can totally relate to what he’s going through, losing the idealism about love and the world. And my heart was kinda crushed after reading about his next album taking awhile, even though I already knew and it’s obvious considering his schedule and the way he works… ahhh but still I get greedy sometimes :-/

    Ok I guess I had more to say than what I had originally thought lol.

    1. he says that music is coming along easier so I’m excited. He has said that he thinks he’ll be out sooner than expected, I’m thinking later next year. I’m honestly hoping for 2013 now tho because it seems like I’ll be stuck in school for an extra semester and I really really want to go to his concert T_T

  13. Thanx for the translation!! Now I really feel like I’m reading Taeyang, I guess that to translate an interview you have to understand the person who is being interviewed.. 😀

  14. I want to make another comment, this time about the photos.

    IMHO, Taeyang looks a little uncomfortable or out of place in a few of the shots. Sometimes the photo’s concept and Taeyang’s expression don’t line up. For me personally, it sort of takes away from the appeal of the photo. Because I know he can take amazing shots too.

    I recently saw a preview of Taeyang singing “So Sick” by Neyo. Personally (and this is just my opinion, haha) I’d like it if Taeyang sort of borrow Neyo’s ‘gentleman’ concept and keep his tough guy image too. I also like it when he smiles!

  15. i actually like the interview a little.at first it took me by surprise and i felt uncomfortable.he sound so iono,jaded?
    and he kinda put up a wall around himself from possible people that can harm him.i wonder if someone important from his past betrayed him:(
    anyways,i been waiting for this kind of interview for so long.cuz in the past we always get an interview about YB being flawless and all but it kinda makes you feel that after reading his interviews in the past, there still questions left unanswered.but here,he was baring the dark side of himself,well kinda.

    this question really caught my eye:
    ‘When I watch you on stage, two feelings arise. That [everyone] ought to perform that hard. Or that you are performing too hard. It goes beyond simply working hard – it’s like your life depends on it. There’s pleasure in watching a stage like that, but it’s hard to play [have fun] along with you.’
    -i think the interviewer was so spot on.watching YB on stage while singing sad songs like WD,LOAM,and sinner was really emotionally draining.he just performed them with so much passion that at the end of the performances you’d be clutching your chest because YB on stage looks like he was in so much pain and you’d feel his pain and you don’t know how to comfort himT T(well,this was how i felt)so,i don’t think there is anyone like him in kpop at all.is there?

    i felt sad that he couldn’t go with his BFF and the rest of BB going clubbing,he wanna go but i think he was avoiding the chance of drinking alcohol.
    i been in his situation too many times so i can understand.i love dancing in the clubs but i’d pass the chance cuz my friends would be shoving beer down my throat,i hated alcohol with so much passion.

    and the interviewer was so nosy with his question about women lol
    – Then I’ll ask a little more plainly. You want to spend the night with that sexy lady over there. What do you do?
    LMFAO this question idek.. YB handled the question well tho.

    ahhh, this interview kinda makes me worry about him.
    youngbaeyah~don’t make me worry too much,please.
    ack!i’ll be thinking about this interview the whole day i’m sure.

  16. I think part of the reason he does not drink alcohol is because he knows the possible HORRIBLE consequences for him compared to regular people. He doesn’t know his limit to getting drunk and he knows if he screws up it might turn out really really bad.

  17. i’ve realized that the way i think is quite similar to his thoughts 🙂 haha … a coincidence 😕 or fate ? 🙂

  18. O.O–imgne bae on the shower♥♥♥^^mv neeh?
    What if it were a song like, “Yesterday I took drugs, and today I raped someone and drank alcohol”?
    Right, just like that. Honestly, when I’m alone I think I get even more absorbed in songs like that. Especially when I’m in the shower, it’s almost like I’m making a music video. Those are the times I like the best.

  19. mhmmm by westeren women I`m hoping he doesn`t mean white women alone , hahah brown/black girls can workk it to .

    But YB needs to listen to GD sometimes all that worrying isn`t good for him, especially with that need to be perfect .

    thanks for the translation

  20. I’m reading this again and wow YB has changed so much, in a good way of course. He seems more “free” and is actually having fun & enjoying himself now. I’m happy for him ^__^

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