Taeyang at Lotte Duty Free Concert (110326)

It’s that time of the year folks – Lotte Duty Free had their annual concert and like last year, its been full of YB cracktastic wonderfulness.

Fancams and more photos below the cut.


Somebody to Love

Hands Up



No broadcast can beat the energy of a concert.  Sounds like everyone was having a great time.  Song line up was said to include : Hands Up, Somebody to Love, Café, Last Farewell, Lies and Tonight.

Many thanks to 바밤바동동 and  juckdo (sol-mate), DearYB518 (urthesun), yoohok518 for the videos and sol-mate for the photos.


16 thoughts on “Taeyang at Lotte Duty Free Concert (110326)”

  1. i found this amusing picture of taeyang on tumblr
    since i dont know how to attach a pic in this comment i’ll just give a link instead:

    his lips O.O

  2. wow, those fancams are actually really good. at first, I was like eh, but they are really entertaining. YB’s dancing and body language even when he’s not doing much is still charismatic(?), i guess. GOOD WORK bm and yb!

    1. I was just checking his account on twitter not sure about it, he sound crazy with all his hate tweets about Obama

      1. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that. YB isn’t likely to be interested and really how serious can the guy be to contact YB through twitter rather than writing a formal letter to his agency (YG)? The guy obviously doesn’t really know too much about YB.

      2. is it REALTAEYANG? he doesnt tweet often and i’ve never seen that 🙂
        you should check again, there are many accounts named taeyang

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