Big Bang Weekly Music Show Roundup (110324-110327)

We’ve decided to do something a little different on ATY and do a weekly sum-up of the BB music show performances rather than spamming you with individual posts all weekend.

Performances below the cut

MCountdown -Somebody to Love

M Countdown – Tonight

Music Core – Tonight

Uploader shu101224

And the hands down winner of best performance….

Inkigayo – What is Right

Okay, I’ll admit I’m biased. I really, really like WIR and seeing it again after weeks of Tonight performances made a refreshing change. I also like the lighthearted energy that the performance usually has , and this time was no exception. Inki delivered with its usual colorful stage design and YB sounded really good too. So which of the music show  performances did you like the best?

But of course , we can’t end the week without another round of cracktasticness. See who’s playing around in the back when the Mcountdown winners are announced:

Uploader UnknownCarrot170

Thanks to all the uploaders.

9 thoughts on “Big Bang Weekly Music Show Roundup (110324-110327)”

  1. DAMN, Taeyang gettin’ his smile on, on WIR without glasses either. That’s how ya do it! I’m happy that you’re happy TY.

  2. i really like the first pic! hahaha! sooooooo cute.
    and i love all Big Bang’s performance. wowwww Taeyang [in WIR] don’t be too rough on the girl yeah! heeeeeeee

  3. i’m not really crazy about WIR,but seeing the live performance made a lot of difference.
    i see YB in his happy mode again,so cute with his facial expression around 2:50 and the ending he was like 😀 that made me grinned back at him lol.
    they looked like they’re having fun in this performance.their voices are all spot on,lack of heavy choreo might be the reason.

    BAERI having fun on the last clip lol

  4. I wasn’t a big fan of WIR and STL before but the performances changed that. Both performances are always fun to watch and YB does well everytime. Favorite performance would have to be all the perfomances on their special stages comeback on SBS and Mnet..(it was Mnet right?)

  5. YB without sunnies for STL and WIR = AWESOME
    YB looking totally happy during WIR = Epic Cuteness
    YB looking at cameras = HELLA AWESOME
    YB and Seungri fooling around at the back = ROFL

    I’m just totally all smiles right now, serious. Hahahah.

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