Taeyang’s W Korea Interview


Among the members, you’re the one that showed a lot through music last year. It seemed like you were feeling a bit disappointed for not promoting enough on television and doing enough activities so how would you rate yourself for your first full length album?
It was the best I could do. I’m sure those who like me wanted to see me more on stage and it’s true that I wanted to show more on stage but now that I come to think of it, I think I did the best that I could.

What do you think about GD&TOP performing together this year?
On one side, I was very envious. I was envious because they were together and because they tested out a lot of things on this album. I think in the future, we’ll try those small activities among the members and not only focus on full length albums as a group. I’m saying this for the first time through W interview, but I’ll introduce you to what it’s like to work with Jiyong. I don’t know what kind of song will be made, but we’re looking for something fresh. He’s a friend that’s very determined and since both of our styles are total opposites, I think it’ll be a good match. I’ve only asked for a couple of features after I finish making the song, but if we work together from the beginning, I think something new will definitely come out.

As a producer, what kind of person is G-Dragon?
He knows how to use the opinions he gets from many people. Whatever it may be, he opens up a possibility and is able to take it in as his own. I think that’s why he’s able to create many different music. He’s been like that ever since he was a little kid. He always liked new things and wasn’t afraid to try new things. When I go to Jiyong’s room, sometimes there are clothes that I never thought he would have, which surprised me. Among those, there are clothes that I don’t understand and clothes that are tidy. Just from looking at that, I think Jiyong’s clean sensitivity can be seen.

Then on the other hand, aren’t you persistent with things that you like?
(Smiles) You’re right. But it’s not because someone forced me, it’s because we all have different tastes. Even if someone told me to do something that rash, I wouldn’t do it. I know what’s good for me and that’s the same with everyone else. Everyone has their own belief and stubbornness within them.

In the title song, “Tonight,” Taeyang’s voice completes the structure. But it feels like the vocal isn’t as technical as it was during your solo.
In my solo songs, I try to show everything that I have. On the other hand, when I’m in a group, the overall feel and the harmony of the song is important so I try to focus on that and tend to control my vocals and how I sing. I recorded so many times for Tonight and even made 2 to 3 versions of the song. The transcript of the song changes so much and there was a version where the song had a more sad feeling to it. When we transcribed the song for the last time, we included a more stronger chorus where the electronic feel came alive.

I heard you went to America not too long ago.
Ever since last year, I wanted to travel somewhere. After my solo activities finished, I went to Jeju Island with my manager for a short time and then we went to Japan afterward for a week, and this year, we went to America for 3 weeks. I was able to meet my friends, who are dancers, and I was affected a lot by that and became determined. I didn’t take formalized classes, but I was able to recharge the feelings that I wasn’t able to feel while I was performing.

Taeyang’s performance on stage is obsessively perfect, but it doesn’t seem like you’re enjoying it as much.
I think that was the case when I was promoting my first solo album. It was very burdening knowing that I had to do everything by myself and it’s something that I can overcome but the situation didn’t allow me to do so, so that’s why it was burdening. I think that’s why people around me felt the same way. After my solo activities came to an end, I thought about a lot of things. I should have enjoyed it more and it seems like I performed with very little ease. Since I experienced that already, if I released another solo album next time, I know not to do that so in that sense, I’m thankful too.

Then have you become a bit comfortable these days?
I’m very happy that the five of us are doing it together now. Individually, we need these kinds of time. I’m very thankful that I have a place to lean on.

Magazine scanned by: DCYB
Translated by: solshin3 @ 21bangs.com

Lol, as if we couldn’t tell that he wasn’t in the US for dance lessons, it didn’t look like much dancing got done. And 3 weeks? Thought it was just 2. Yes, I agree that the first solo album was very stressful and he seemed more stressed than anything but I can also see that he’s learned a lot. And the part about BB being a place to lean on makes my VIP heart glad, solo promos are scary with lots of pressure and Big Bang is something he can always come home to.  That thing about GD, is a GDYB album finally going to happen after almost 10 years in the making? Ohhh, very excited!! (but this is YG so I know not to be too excited, lol).

9 thoughts on “Taeyang’s W Korea Interview”

  1. What I found the most interesting was the fact that he was envious of the GD&Top collab. GD&YB together would be awesome… but yeah not keeping the hopes too high on that one!

  2. LOL I thought the title meant something like : “YB thinks if GD was a woman he would be a good match for him”. haha how wrong was I, but wait, whats he saying? it was so vague but sounds like a GDYB combo? That would be daebak! its like we finally get to see the GDYB duo that never debuted. GDYB have great chemistry because they’re so different.

  3. When I first saw the title on ibigbang, I thought, “good match… as in romantically?” LOLs

    Was so far from the actual thing, so is this a possible GDYB collab on this upcoming BB album (again)?

    I won’t get too excited in case this was just a pass-by answer.

    Plus YB is always so careful in answering these questions, such as how he felt about the vocals he did here and what he did in SOLAR, etc. hahahahahah.

  4. i think Tobae collab will be great.i thought ‘friend’ really showcase both their talent.
    as for gdyb collab,if there is,i hope it’s not something like korean dream where they autotune YB’s voice too much.

  5. i’ve just seen the 4.5 album tracks
    there are 3new songs
    is the song no.9 Connection ? 🙂 – im asking because i dont know Korean

  6. I noticed that the rest of the interview is gone. It was a lot longer when I first read it. This was one of the best interviews that I have read so far.(*_*)

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