Taeyang at Mnet M Soundplex: Preview + Fancam

On the 19th Big Bang recorded their performance for Mnet M’s new live music program M Soundplex. The show utilizes a live band (exciting!) and provides guest with an intimate atmosphere. Big Bang’s performance will air on the 26 but here are some Taeyang fancams to wet your appetite. He performed 2 solo songs, “Look Only At Me” and a cover of Michael Jackson “I Want You Back”.

Preview of the Show

More fancams below the cut

Bonus Taeyang doing the dougie

Cr: urthesun.com, 518percent.com, 518mercuri@youtube, Mizzjulie19@youtube, DYBcomm@youtube, Lak7jin@youtube, urthesun1@youtube bigbanghavenYT02@youtube

Here are some awesome fanpics from Urthesun


























He sounded great and looked great too, especially once he ditched the sparkly red jacket. However, I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t do a song from SOLAR or even the LOAM remix. He didn’t have to do I Need A Girl or I’ll Be There, I would have died for some Superstar. Makes me wonder why he’s decided to do a cover instead of a song from his most recent album.  Also, wished I was that fan that got the hug, he’s hugging everyone these days. Anyway, very excited for the show.

21 thoughts on “Taeyang at Mnet M Soundplex: Preview + Fancam”

  1. I’m so excited for this! I love how YB never keeps his jackets on anymore, the stylists should stop trying haha. I hope he loses the sunglasses soon too! 😛

  2. Judging from the YB-focused fancam….this performance of Tonight seems a lot better than the ones they perform on the music shows. BB seemed to show more freedom with this performance; they weren’t performing just straight choreo, but having fun with it.

    YB sounded amazing in these clips…hopefully haters will get off his back about his vocal chops.

    Yet again, YB has shown that he’s too hot for a jacket to contain him is his performances….that man is just stripping left and right!!!

    1. I made a negative comment earlier on this site about Taeyang’s singing ability. But I also retracted it later because I hadn’t heard a quality live version of his singing until recently. He’s excellent if he stays in his range, imo. The CD version vs. the Live version of “You’re My” is a good example. You’re My didn’t used to be my favorite and honestly at first it did make me feel differently about his ability, but I like it now. I am sort of newer TY fan, but I believe in him. 😀

      1. Yeah…the CD version of YM put a lot of people off at first. But his live totally made up for it. If only he had sung it like that for the CD, no one would have had a problem with it.

    2. You know me and my criticisms but even I am pleased with Tonight. I thought he always sounds fine! Ive listened to the MR videos, he’s good.

  3. thank you! ^__^
    i love, love, love how he can look so hot with only a plain white t-shirt! ❤ others will look plain and boring but YB looks so wow! *__* hehehe

    shaun taught him how to dougie?!

  4. love iiiiiiiiiittt♥
    i wish i was there^^so that i could have a melting hug tooooooo^.^hahaha..
    only BAE ROCX PLAIN WHITE T. ♥♥♥
    -note to stylist*give up now on giving yb jackets.co’z he’s just gonna remove it again^^hahaha.ROFL.^^
    BTW,I WOULD HAVE MY YB FACE TEE on april 15♥^^soo excitedddd

  5. finally i can see taeyang do dougie
    i’ve been curious ever since shaun mention he teach that move to taeyang

    i really love it when taeyang wears simple white t shirt like this
    he shine..

  6. Guess the Tonight perf here is A LOT better than their music show ones.

    Everyone, or at least from what I see with the YB-fcoused fancam, seems a lot more at ease and having more fun with the song 😀

    YB’s dougie is cute, hahah XD

    Now if I can see those smexy eyes of his….

  7. once again taeyang showing his love to the King of Pop MJ with the red sparkly jacket and the I want you back

  8. Oh how much I love it when he pulls off his jackett *-*
    I also want to get hugged T_T lucky girls and fans!
    Hes so perfeeect __<

    His Outfit was so simple but it looks so PERFECT on him!! awwwww *-*

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