Taeyang voted #1 celeb to make the “Sweetest Proposal”!

Big Bang’s Taeyang has been selected as the star the public expects the ‘sweetest proposal’ from.

Music portal, BUGS, conducted a poll from March 8th to the 21st asking, ‘which star is more likely to make the sweetest proposal?‘. They used Taeyang, Nickhun, Hyun Bin, Kim Su Hyun, Jung Yeob and Lee Hyun as the choices.

The survey involved a total of 2,546 voters and Taeyang received an overwhelming 50% (1,255 voters) of the votes, making him the #1 star people expect a romantic and sweet proposal from.

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Netizens reasons for picking him were, “With such a sweet voice, the person whom Taeyang proposes to will probably melt“, “She won’t be able to bear Taeyang’s distinctive eye smile“.

While Kim Soo Hyun came in at 2nd place with 18% of the votes and Hyun Bin at 3rd place with 16%. Nickhun at 4th place, Jung Yeob at 5th place and Lee Hyun at 6th place.

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Translations by alee@ibigbang

12 thoughts on “Taeyang voted #1 celeb to make the “Sweetest Proposal”!”

  1. In the way that Taeyang is able to convey such great emotion when he’s on stage I can see how that would translate into the perfect proposal. With his sweet voice and excellent piano playing skills he’d sweep any woman off her feet.

  2. OL..yeah””i remembered yesterday when BAE proposed at me HE..(SECRETx)…,,
    aww^^ how i wish i would be that melted girl of bae♥♥♥

  3. Totally saw this coming.

    He DID say if he met the woman of his life, he will propose through dedicating an original song for her, sing it and play it on the piano.


    Gah~~~ totally agree that he has a voice that conveys a lot of emotion :))

  4. I’m surprise he actually won because there is Hyun Bin, Sam dong and Nickhun in the list but hey does this mean he’s getting more famous among the ladies? xD But this poll was probably nominated by the noonas IMO hehehe. Anyway, i don’t doubt that this boy will be romantic just because he is shy like some people think. I am quite sure he will be a man and propose to the girl he loves.

    1. surprisingly Bae #1… that’s so great !!!
      i’ve been interested in Hyun Bin before (now he’s even more famous) so Bin’s my 2nd choice
      the others – never care

  5. simple,grand or romantic doesn’t matter if it’s YB.
    i’d even elope if he wanted that lol.
    but seriously tho,what matters most is how Bae and his future wife will spend their maried life together.
    wifey gonna be so lucky coming home to a husband like Bae who will cherish her forever.
    he’s gonna be a great dad,that i’m 100% sure.
    i bet waking up everyday that girl’s gonna be thanking God for her fortune.

    YB’s gonna be like sean Roh.devoted husband and father.

  6. He might be shy and awkward at times but I have no doubt he will make the sweetest proposal to the woman he loves. That lucky lady. 😀

  7. AW just the thought of him proposing makes all love dovey and gushy lol. Lucky Girl, who ever she is. Excuse me while I go eat a tub of ice cream because I know its not me lol

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