Big Bang performs Tonight on Inkigayo and wins their 3rd Mutizen (110320)

It’s black and white for Big Bang on Inkigayo today as they perform Tonight and win the Mutizen.

Tonight + Winning

More below the cut

Congratulations to BB for nabbing the Triple Crown! I’m a leeeetle disappointed that there was no time for some interaction between IU, Kikwang (the new Inkigayo MCs) and BB since they are both big Taeyang fans. But maybe backstage? Hmmm.

In other news, I’m really excited about the upcoming Mnet M SoundPlex performance since we’re going to see them doing something different with “Tonight”. Photos and fancams from the Mnet recording indicate a live band. Apart from wanting to see how they switch up the arrangements for live instruments, there are reports that Taeyang will be doing LOAM. (Crossing my fingers for the remix version.) All in all, it sounds like a really good show.  I’m ready for something new and some solo YB… yum!


16 thoughts on “Big Bang performs Tonight on Inkigayo and wins their 3rd Mutizen (110320)”

    1. same. maybe he had that eye problem because of lack of sleep? or maybe he doesn’t like the stage lights because they can be blinding. but yeah, i miss his eyes.

      1. I think the reason is the dazzling stage lights
        it can be very annoying to people who have sensitive eyes like me

      2. Yea, I like it best when he’s in the zone like in his I’ll Be There piece. His look is PERFECT there. Sometimes, I think his glasses give him confidence but who knows. *shrugs*. He didn’t need em in IBT, but yea, I miss seeing his eyes too. 😀

  1. Of course, BB wins again! I may sound like a bad fan…..but I’m totally ready for then to have their goodbye stages. The performances are all the sane and aside from the initial comeback performances, BB’s energy seems to be fading more and more. That’s why I’m so freaking excited to see Mnet Soundplex. This type of stage seems right down BB’s, especially YB’s alley. I’d rather them do little, intimate, live band performances like that then waste their time doing the same old same old on the music shows.

    1. You aren’t the only feeling like that. It started to became very “routine” and repetitive, for me,after the first couple of performance.
      On a side note, love the color scheme

    2. You are not alone! I too, feel the same way about their live perfs day after day…. =\

      Lack of energy, the same choreo….

      I was excited when I heard the news that they’ll change it up, but yeah… that didn’t come into action.

      So like you, I’m looking forward to the Mnet Soundplex. It looks really niceand I really do like smaller performances with live bands better 😀

    3. They’re definitely losing their “sense of performance” (it’s still high quality, it’s just repetition), especially Top’s. I know he’s not dancer or anything, but he’s usually energetic when he performs. :/

      I just want them to perform other songs from their mini-album since, in my opinion, it’s pointless to perform “Tonight” any longer.

      Guuh I miss YB’s freestyle dance and BB’s high energy.

    4. I know I am glad they’re winning but lol things are too easy for them these days. They need a new challenge or something. Also I miss KJE chocolate. I always loved their stages there the best. And noooooo say no such things like “goodbye stage”. Who knows what papa YG actually means when he says they will release a new album in a few more months. With YG, this could mean anywhere from 6 months to 2 years from now. D:

  2. Unsurprisingly, all the BB introductions were done by IU, I wonder if that was just coincidence or she actually swapped with the other 3 MC’s haha and yeah I would liked to have seen some interaction between the two fans and YB.

  3. I have an aversion to the girl standing behind Victory 😦
    in all the shows I’ve seen, she always tries too much to be cute and to get some attention 😦 she finally succeeded in making me remember her face…aw…aw…(!)
    the cameraman should let us see YB more

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