Big Bang On Music Core (110319)

A much more soberly dressed Big Bang performed “Tonight” on Music Core — gone are the neon colors and in its place are menswear inspired hues.

Wonder if Taeyang is wearing one of his own jackets? Hard to tell since he seems to have 50 versions of the same basic style. Must be really tough being his stylist and have to switch things up.

I’ve been enjoying these past performances of “Tonight” a lot but there seems to be something missing for me. It’s not the song or even the actual execution because they boys have been really professional about putting it out there. Dancing and vocals are good and there’s swag galore. But compared to the past, I don’t get the sense of the feeling of the song as much. It seems to lack an overriding emotion in the delivery – whether fun, or angst, or sadness. Perhaps I’m just getting mixed signals because its supposed to be a sad dance song? Or are they just too tired to look like they’re having fun?

Thanks to B2stgirl1994 for the upload.

3 thoughts on “Big Bang On Music Core (110319)”

  1. I know what you’re talking about BM, cuz I feel it too. I don’t know whether the boys are tired, not into the song. I know their dancing and vocals are great, but.. I just think there could be something more.

    On to a more lighter topic though, is it me or does anyone else think Seungri and YB switched wardrobe options? XD cuz I think the blue jacket would’ve looked more like maknae’s style.

  2. I watched these over a ton too. I think we’re getting bored a little cuz we’ve been watchin the same song for 2 weeks. I can tell YB is a little tired though, he’s out of breath early in the song, poor guy. D:

  3. I think it’s more that the boys are really tired. The initial performances were amazing because they were all very high energy but now that they’ve performed so many times in such a short amount of time, I think that BB, as well as us, are getting tired of that monotony. But it’s okay, they still manage to rock the performances.

    OAN: Stylists noona gave the boys normal clothes so they decide to fringe out the stage instead? 😛

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