Big Bang wins on Music Bank for the 3rd time (110318)

Big Bang braves the KBS Music Bank studios for another performance and comes away with the Mutizen.


Performance below the cut


Apparently YB came prepared for a dark stage – what else could explain the traffic cone orange jacket?  Between him and GDragon (and T.O.P.) , they could pass for a handful of highlighters.  I kid, I kid. Then again, it’s not like we notice the fringe anymore.  And he must like the jacket at least a little because he actually kept it on for the whole performance.

But color jokes aside, they all did their thing, looked good and pulled off a good performance.  Congratulations for the win!

Thanks toAbeePop01 and KpopShowRv03 for the uploads.

8 thoughts on “Big Bang wins on Music Bank for the 3rd time (110318)”

  1. Congrats to the boys! I guess they wanted to make sure people could see them this time in case KBS pulled off another crappy stage….I mean, who wouldn’t notice a bunch of fluorescent guys dancing on stage?

    GD…take note. THAT’S how you throw a bouquet of flowers into the audience! 😀

  2. Congrats, boys! Another good performance. They really do look like a bunch of walking highlighters 😉 but hey you know what they say…go the all way or go home.

  3. YB sounded good in that performance, very loud and clear.
    i loved how at GD’s solo part with the guitar when the lights dimmed down you can see YB cause of his bright orange jacket. hahaha

    1. Ya, he sure did. This performance was great. I was definitely wrong about his ability, YB can sing really well and move well too. I just saw an HD version of this a few moments ago and WOW. I cannot wait until his next album. In all shots I’m lookin for YB, lmao.

  4. LOL I loved Top’s look when he realizes that the girl was giving flowers between him and Tae, and that the flower was meant for him. congrats BB!!

  5. I was thinkin about why he is keepin the jacket on…SeungRi could slip on it. I was watchin all the other performances and SR and dancers usually got pretty close to steppin on it, lul.

  6. Hahah, the boys were all wearing highlighter colours! XDDDD

    But joke aside, the boys were AMAZING, even if they look a tad bit tired.

    YB definitely got better with his portion of the lyrics too :))

  7. i wish he took off that hideous jacket like he did on mnet and just be in his black shirt which he always rock::(
    i really love the performance but wish they went through with the plan of changing the choreo.

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