Big Bang completes the Triple Crown on MCountdown (110317)



Performance and Mnet Wide clip after the cut


On Mnet Wide

What a light and sound show – we certainly can’t say Mnet skimped on pyrotechnics or lighting. Though I would have liked to see the boys more – maybe they thought the huge stage would be too empty without special effects? Note to PD: a few well-chosen closeups are all the effects you need; no need to get too fancy.

I really enjoyed the long encore ( even a bit more than the actual performance.) Not that I don’t appreciate the choreography – because I really do –  but running around doing random things just captures the BB spirit best for me. After seeing the choreography several times already, I’m ready for them to start changing things up. Maybe incorporate a little more freestyling and less guitar killing?

An added treat from last week’s Mcountdown performances:

8 thoughts on “Big Bang completes the Triple Crown on MCountdown (110317)”

  1. Woot woot~~ BB is on FIAH~~~~ XDDDD

    I’m confused though, when do they start changing up the choreo? I was thinking it will for this week’s show, but I guess I’m wrong 😛

    I think the boys look more fresh in this perf, definitely all did a spectacular job :)))

    I also loved the extra long encore BM!! Really nice, but yea like you, I think the lighting was just a bit too much. (Gah! My eyes!)

    A lot more close-ups would have been nice 😉 Hehehehe

  2. the dancing was quite sweet…just fooling around a bit ;D
    when TaeYang put off his jacket I wanted a close up V.V

  3. omg BM!3rd clip 0:29 mnet haru haru perf back in 08 i was thereee lol

    crowd’s singing along to haru2(not this clip tho) revibrated to the stadium sent shivers down my spine.lovely memories.

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