Big Bang on KBS Cool FM (110316)

Big Bang did their first radio show of this promo run on Lee Soo Young’s show on Cool FM. See Taeyang getting down at the station as they do “Tonight” and “Café.”



Loving the outfit, the groove and the happy vibe. It’s definitely one way to warm up the winter…

Thanks to PrincessLeBlanc for the uploads. Photo credits as tagged.

15 thoughts on “Big Bang on KBS Cool FM (110316)”

  1. LOL YB couldn’t keep still he just had to groove and dance! May I add he looks soo cute here, no makeup, and he looks like that little boy that we all love. I feel like pinching his cheeks the entire video haha.

    They all sound and look good and i love how they immersed in singing. GD’s flattened hair looks cute too!

  2. LOVE IT!!! Their voices sounded great. YB and his dancing, he can never seem to stand still. When he was dancing in Tonight, I was expecting the headphone cord to pull him back or something. lol

  3. Oh YB…..he’s like ADD when music is on. Can never keep still, just like a little kid.

    Btw….I so wanna steal his hat! Haha

  4. This left such a huge smile on my face, the boys look fine and sound really good. Loving our YB’s outfit and rejoicing the return of the hats, please keep wearing them Youngbae-ah 😀

    and he looks so cute! and the grooving that came out of no where hehe typical being unable to stay still when music starts.

  5. Random frivolous thoughts…

    I disagree that the grooving came out of nowhere – I totally saw it coming, lol. Still didn’t keep me from squealing from the adorableness, but yeah. ^^ And then he couldn’t stop bopping along afteralls, too. I totally need a bobblehead YB doll. ❤

    And am I the only one who just wanted to reach in and tilt that hat for him? ^^ Love seeing the hat back, but I demand that he break this disturbing habit of wearing it straight these days!

    Cute how LSY tried to push IU on him – she's such a shipper. ^^ Though I couldn't stop remembering her own fangirling meltdown last year, lol.

    1. Oh,you are right,I was wrong to say it “came out of no where” (he was actually restless from the start,only a matter of time for the moves to break out,lol) I guess what I meant to say was,”it was uncalled for” and yeah totally adorable,I loved the fact that he was just being himself in all his dancing-adorableness =D

      1. umm ok,first IU said her ideal man’s YB.
        then YB invited her in his concert.
        then she change her mind about her ideal man naming different guys.
        then,YB thank iu for guesting in his concert in an interview and said that he would like a girl who will look only at in turn iu said her final ideal man is YB lol.then YB teased her back saying she’ll change her mind.
        i don’t know what this is but they amused me to no end.lmao

        i resisted myself shipping this tho. i don’t want YB to come near iu cuz her fandom is so scary. lol

  6. Not just YB, all the boys are groovin’ to the music XD

    Cafe’s an easy song to groove to, before I realised what I was doing, I was already bobbing my head and moving round with the music…Hahaha

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