Big Bang wins again on Inkigayo! (110313)

BB served up a treat for fans on White Day with another performance of Tonight. (It’s the final guitar smashing one at that. Looking forward to the twist in choreography next week.)


Winning Mutizen

All in all it’s a decent performance from both BB and SBS. It’s great when YB tosses his jacket during performances since he’s been rocking some pretty fine T’s during this promo. (Him and stylist noona must have a bargain – he can wear the fringe as long as the shirts are cool.)

I was waiting for YB’s shout out to the JVIPs in the aftermath of the tragedies that have been piling up over the past few days. (“Everyone knows about the crisis in Japan. We pray that our citizens in Japan and all our fans in Japan are safe. Thank you !”) The show must go on I guess, but there are more important things going on in the world so the acknowledgement was important. Our hearts are with our ATY readers in Japan and the rest of the Japanese people. We pray for your safety and recovery. (Some ways we can help here.)

Thanks to 4everKOPgirl06 and AbeePop01 for the uploads.

12 thoughts on “Big Bang wins again on Inkigayo! (110313)”

  1. biased aside, YB’s voice was really bad. hoarse? Some point I can’t hear him properly. Tonigh is a nice song but th performance is underwhelming. The only HL is GD’s guitar smash which is going to remove next week. I hope YB gets enough rest for next week performances. I will look forward to a better choreography to suit this song 🙂

  2. they all look exhausted… I hope YB rests for even a minute or two, his voice at the winning speech was a bit worrying.

    I think I really do prefer Inkigayo’s stages…

    I wonder what they’ll do now that GD won’t smash guitars starting tomorrow….?

    Should be interesting! 😀

    1. I know 😦 I was so worried when I heard his voice! I hope they all get a chance to rest and recover!

      Aaaw the last guitar smash was awesome though 🙂

      Bae forgot to return the microphone :’) haha he seems so high at the end!

      1. For that part, I would definitely like it if he sang over the recording for one performance sort of as an experiment. I would be so happy.

  3. See BM! Told you you would get it done! 😀

    YB and the rest of the boys do sound tired but props to them for still pulling off a good performance. It was a little less energetic than their previous performances but they’ve been working really hard lately. Well, hopefully they’ll be getting Fridays off from now on! The boys need some much needed rest. Although I can’t wait to see how much the performances change since there will be no more guitar smashing.

    Love YB’s tees. Loved the duck one last performance and now I’m extra loving the anime one. I bet YB supplies stylist noona with her own batch of sweets in exchange for wearing awesome stuff like this.

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