6th Rhythmer Awards nominates Taeyang in 2 categories

Rhythmer magazine has announced the nominees for their annual music awards and Taeyang makes the cut for R&B Soul Single and Artist among the Korean releases. But there’s a surprise…

R&B / Soul Single of the Year
올댓 (All That) – Closer
디즈 (Deez) – Sugar
진보 (Jinbo) – U R
보니 (Boni) – ResQ Me
태양 (Taeyang) – Superstar

R & B / Soul Artist of the Year
디즈 (Deez)
보니 (Boni)
진보 (Jinbo)
태양 (Taeyang)
올댓 (All That)

Music spans releases between 1December 2009 and 30 November 2010. Nominees were chosen by a panel of writers & experts.

How AWESOME is it that Superstar is getting some love? (Runs around room.) As one of my favorite songs on the album, I’m happy as a clam that there are people in the world who love it enough to give it an award. That said – what happened to “Take It Slow” guys-who-give-music-awards? As an overwhelming fan favorite, it’s confusing that the general public hasn’t really cottoned on to the fact that the song is tremendously good. (Any more award giving bodies out there who want to nominate it? No? Maybe we should just make one up. The “Bounce” awards have a nice ring to it…)

Update: Congratulations to Deez for winning best R&B single for Sugar and Jinbo for winning R&B artist of the year and best R&B album for Afterwork!


20 thoughts on “6th Rhythmer Awards nominates Taeyang in 2 categories”

  1. Yay! See YG….this is why Superstar should have been promoted!!!

    Yet again, YB is up against some heavy competition but let’s hope for the best! My fingers are crossed for our man.

    And seriously….what about TIS? That song was freaking amazing! Powers That Be….dont underestimate this song!!! ATY should combine with DCYB and YBmania to produce the bounce awards. But I don’t know if we’re hardcore enough for that. Hahaha 😀

  2. See, I knew from the start that Superstar should have been promoted. Me and DCYB are in agreement that it should have been the title track. Anyway, TIS should be getting more love.

  3. Yay for YB!!! I love Superstar.Tough competition! I know YB is as just happy to be among these artists. I nominated TIS for a “bounce” award. lol TIS does need more love.

  4. yea, i agree. for me, TIS is the best song in the album.
    i wonder why they didn’t choose it too.

    looks like the R&B Trinity is going head-to-head again.
    tough competition.
    but good luck to YB!
    win or not, he’s already a winner just his name being besides the names of this awesome R&B artists. 🙂

  5. My favorite song! I loved listening to it everytime I was watching his Real Talk by taeyang in the beginnings. It has such a good r&b vibe to it. Win or lose, I’m glad he’s still being recognized as an r&b singer since he grew up listening to it

  6. also wanted to say, All That’s ‘Closer” is my jam. I think I’ve listened to that song a billion times. So happy they got nominated too.

    1. Holy cow, just heard Closer for the first time. That song is HOT. I’m now a new fan of Boni and All That…a-ma-zing.

      1. there’s so many good songs on that album. ‘You’re So’ is another amazing song, I also recommend the songs 늦었지만 , 아직 Remix, 아직도 널 (Feat.길미), 참을게 and All That 2010. lol that’s a lot of songs but I loved them.

  7. a bit surprise because there are many good songs in Solar album
    but i think Superstar is good enough to be nominated
    i love that song
    he’s my superstar and im his biggest fan 🙂

  8. Awesome stuff,but yeah heavy competition,but who cares when he got nominated amongst them, thats great in itself. 😀

    As for ‘Superstar’ receiving much deserved love, it got me thinking that SOLAR really is an awesome album: the more you listen to it the more you love it. It never gets old.

    Keep producing great music YB thats why we love you!

  9. I would of thought TIS would be the one nominated as the soul single too. Even Jinbo rated it.
    To be honest how do you interpret what is soul rnb and what is not. I mean there are musicians who do certain genres, but what elements define a song being a certain genre?

  10. IU’s so cuteee. ❤

    I guess the song LAOM applies to IU cause at the end of the day she's only looking at YB. [:

      1. she liked YB since before 2009 from what I know. she said she stopped picking him cuz her mom got annoyed about her talking about him plus they interviews gave her a limited list of idols. But she’s a fan n that’s rather cute.

    1. i ❤ iu.
      my first impression of her wasn't great so i was surprise that she's actually a very sweet person.
      her interviews were so interesting to read.
      she's so mature for her age.
      i think she might be the first artist that i like outside of bigbang.^^

  11. congrats to YB for being nominated.i hope he will win.
    i wish TIS was nominated tho.that song completed the solar album.

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