Big Bang on Music Core Comeback (110312)

Big Bang closed down Music Core with their comeback performance of “Tonight.”

The stage design was interesting; somewhat reminiscent of their album cover’s spiderweb design. Sound and camera were decent too – kudos to Music Core for providing adequate technical support this time around. Too bad there was no time for an interview (as it is, they had the credits rolling near the end of the performance already and cut off the very end.) But the boys pulled it off anyway inspite of still looking tired.

Maybe they should just do three music show performances next week and keep one day for rest? I vote they take Friday off. Or maybe they can just prerecord a performance in the practice room or do a whole hour of BB fooling around and just post it to YT. Fans would like that I think… and the lighting might even be better.

Thanks to B2stgirl1994 for the upload.

10 thoughts on “Big Bang on Music Core Comeback (110312)”

  1. The boys rocked their performance. The stage looked amazing and the lighting and sound were great as well. Way to make KBS look even worse guys 🙂

    I’m with you on that one BM! BB looked tired tonight. They deserve another day off… Why not make it Friday?

    OAN: I am totally loving YB’s shirt. He is totally rocking that duck.

  2. as much as i like to see BB everywhere,i’m really worried about their health.4 music shows a week seem too much to me.YG should have stick to his gun of not showing in KBS.
    i bet tabi would try to hide under the bed next poor hardworking bbs:(

  3. the boys definitely look tired and i don’t blame them. music show after music show, some with two to three songs as well. God knows how long that takes, we already saw in the Kanauru’s YG adventures that it takes forever….

    i’m just glad they still rocked it anyway. Four shows is really pushing it though =\

    As for the stage this time, a lot better 😀 lighting and camera work were decent. =v=b

  4. Yeah, make Friday as their day off. I regret wanting BB to perform on MuBank. But I still hope they will sort this out. SOON.

    Boys really tried their best, despite looking tired and the set is so much better than yesterday’s.

  5. YB sang the best today. So proud, haha

    Although I would like BB to rest (esp on Fri) KBS is the only network other countries can see BB on their TV if they don’t cut out BB’s performance! >__<

  6. i liked how they changed up the camera angle, esp at the end instead of zooming out they zoomed in so we can see taeyang lips pucker 🙂


  7. Damn, the choreo progresses a little each show. It’s kinda cool. YB is awesome, that was reallly goood.

    I don’t like to be negative because overall we can see improvements happening and it’s making me really happy… BUT Taeyang’s solo on Tonight is the climax of the song before the guitar smashing… For some reason, I feel like I want MORE! You know? I feel like he could do more with it vocally and getting intimate with the camera, take off his glasses, walk towards the camera/audience in his signature way, sing more loudly (because I like to hear his voice over the recording). DAMN, I would love that.

    I understand that in the music video and the arrangement that his solo is supposed to be softer, but I feel like it could take our breaths away and we get that tingly feeling with a more “powerful” climax.


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