Big Bang’s MusicBank Comeback and 2nd Win (110311)

Big Bang finally made its comeback on Music Bank after weeks of wrangling between YGE and the show’s producers.

Backstage Interview

Tonight Performance

Music Bank Win

Congratulations to BB for another win! I liked this particular performance of “Tonight” a lot (since they all sounded great) but the camera really seemed to be catching them at odd angles and the lighting was distracting.  It was a good performance nevertheless and they are starting to seem more comfortable with the song.

So I’m really loving goofy, hyper Taeyang.  I don’t know if someone has been spiking his cider, been handing out special recipe brownies or he’s just really happy for other reasons, but I’ve missed this side of him for a while now. (Remember how he used to act back in 2006 when BB just debuted? It’s like we’re seeing some of that old playfulness again.)   Hoping this sticks around much longer – its about as entertaining as the actual performances.

Thanks to the uploaders!

15 thoughts on “Big Bang’s MusicBank Comeback and 2nd Win (110311)”

  1. Look at him! So happy show us his kisses! I wonder if that actually has a special meaning? you know like.. um a secret message for his GF or something? ehehe. Kidding.

    I wonder why they stop singing ‘toniiiight~toniiightt~’
    it’s the most catchy part. Great performance, it’s worth it to look over the sad state of the stage and the camera work.

    1. oh Daesung looks especially tired here. Actually all of them do (YB is hiding it well tho haha). Hopefully they get enough rest soon.

    2. LOL you’re like me (most of us are like this I guess),everytime YB is overly happy I immediately go into suspicious-mode and try to see if it fits in with a possible special lady’s involvement. 😉 HAHA

    3. maybe it does have a special meaning, lol. The dancer seemed like he really wanted YB to show them his kiss, lol.

  2. I confess I was a bit conflicted about this post since there are much bigger things to worry about in the world right now than KBS’ rather underwhelming stage (inspite of the BB boys’ best efforts.) Our hearts and prayers go out to Japan in the wake of the earthquake and to all those in the world also threatened right now by possible disasters.

    1. Amen to that last part. I had no idea,just came back from school and most kpop people are talking about it thats how I know.

  3. Goofy YB! He has been looking extremely cute and young recently (like from back in the day),not to mention really happy.its so nice to see ^__^

  4. Yummmm I love brownies and it looks like YB does too! 😀

    Tbh, besides their strong vocals, I was terribly disappointed by their comeback stage on MB. Such a plain stage, crappy lighting, ill-timed/lacking fireworks. I was especially waiting for them as GD broke his guitar dammit. Adding this to the obvious rigging of BB’s scores, I can’t even begin to comprehend what KBS was thinking. I don’t even….ughhhhhh!

    On another note…YB was so cute in the backstage clip! He was gotten so outgoing and seems a whole lot more comfortable with himself. Love love LOVE it!!! Keep those brownies coming please!!!

    Of course, all our prayers go out to Japan. Last I heard, there was only one confirmed death so I pray that the damage isn’t too high with this latest disaster.

    1. Hundreds death has been confirmed due to the Tsunami. My prayers go to Japan and other countries who are about to be affected(I pray this won’t be the case)

        1. Only a small part of the country. Still on watch. But I’ll be okay. My place isn’t on the pacific ring of fire.

  5. i love YB’s vocals in TONIGHT! his solo part at 2:30, he sounded very strong in here unlike like other performances, that were kinda softer (but still good).
    BTW why did YB do the kissing part in the interview? Can someone sub it please! THANKS!


  6. YB’s vocals are definitely great in Tonight!!! 😀

    Some of you said the boys look tired, and i can definitely see it, though you can hardly tell with YB…XD

    The stage was really urgh and the distracting lights… but I can look over that with the fact that YB’s blowing kisses in public hahahaahahahhahah!

    I’m loving how hyper and chillaxed the guy is on the backstage interview!!

    My heart goes out to all those in Japan right now.. =( It definitely is sad to see so many natural disasters happen these last few months into 2011.

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