Big Bang’s Comeback Performance on Mcountdown and their 2nd win (110310)

Big Bang grabs their second win on MCountdown on the same day as their comeback performance.


Cafe and win under the cut


Winning and Encore

I must admit I much preferred the performance of Cafe, mostly because I liked the stage and love how Taeyang was getting his groove on.  It’s so obvious when he’s feeling the song and I’m really happy that he’s been more conscious of looking into the camera.

Hoping for more performances of “Cafe” and “What is Right” as the promos go on.  Perhaps they can switch it up with “Tonight” sometimes on the music shows? Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks to BIGBANGgirl1994 and b2gbang for the uploads!


24 thoughts on “Big Bang’s Comeback Performance on Mcountdown and their 2nd win (110310)”

  1. That’s was your favorite part too? I loved how this song is supposed to be like a slow, ballad-type song but then you get YB and GD just busting out and crooning to it.
    And congrats to the guys! They sound and look amazing yet again. I like the change from the jackets with the faces to the shirts. I would totally wear those shirts out in public.

  2. lol at YB grooving in Cafe, it’s a sad song, he’s not suppose to be that happy

    Anyway, love this performance, the boys looked like they were enjoying the stage a lot.

  3. Their Cafe performance has been my fav thus far during their promotions~~~

    Personally I feel that TOP has lost a lot of his charms during the performances….I don’t know if he’s just not into the songs they’re doing right now but i really didn’t connect with him in the Tonight performance or Cafe….hmm

    1. Been seeing a lot of people saying this. TBH, I feel the same way. There’s just no energy from TOP lately. It’s like he can’t even muster the energy to do the choreo. And it may just be me, but I feel like his rapping has been falling flat. They’re monotone and feel a little off-beat.

      1. I agree….he never was a stellar dancer so I forgive him for slacking in the choreo, but he always made it up with his enthusiastic rapping and expressions (those eyes!)……and even that’s not cutting it anymore. I want to say that it’s because he’s tired from their GD&TOP promotions but I still think he could improve with the emotions of the song…its almost like he’s mindlessly doing it cause he has too….

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed lol

    2. I don;t know if he’s tired.. I was always under the impression that he was acting that way on purpose. He was the same during GD/TOP promos. Ever since he started his acting career, I noticed he has started to move less, use less of the stage, and just continously stares into the camera (w/ those smoldering eyes!).
      I agree that it takes away from the performance. I do not feel like he;s in the moment when he raps…I dunno, all I’m getting from him these days are *strut*strut* *pose* *stare at camera* no emotion or connection to the lyrics. But I still see fire when I look into his eyes..just not as passionately as before

  4. For me, TOP’s live is SOLID so far. I’ve been watching the MR videos and he sounds just like the recorded version.

    I don’t really like Cafe performances that much because i’m always scared for YB though I’ll always anticipate his low notes but this latest one is a really well done performance. The set is so pretty and i love what all of them are wearing. and yes!! boy is finally looking into the camera!! i see you YB!! =D

    And I’m going to be a bit different than everyone else because I love Tonight. i hope they don’t switch it because it gets the crowd going and YB seems to have so much fun performing that song. My only regret is the guitar smashing. Also I actually prefer STL and WIR performances than Cafe. 🙂

    i don’t really like the cameras this time, they seem to be out of focus a lot.

    1. I prefer WIR over Cafe performance but STL is on the bottom of my list. Cafe just cause the circling GD thing at the end is awkward. I’m not really worried about YB hitting his notes, he’s not moving.

      Anyway, I think they did well. Could have been better but they had a busy week and it’s showing.

  5. I hope they perform WIR and Cafe more than HU and STL. Most of the songs performed on the music programs are either dance music or ballads… I feel Cafe and WIR have a different feel. It’s just refreshing.

    Is it just me or does it seem like YB is always the one to say the acceptance speech at the end.

  6. I have to say Taeyang’s vocals for Tonight have not been good but they were even worse here. I thought it might be the microphone but he often uses those and sounds just fine. For some reason you can barely hear him and he just stops singing in the middle of a line. Often. I know he has a lot of lines in this song and he’s doing the chorus alone but that’s not really an excuse. Hopefully he’ll work on that.

    1. Yea, I kinda agree.
      I find his vocals are fine when singing the chorus, but when he begins his solo verse, I don’t feel as if he’s doing the best he can. I wish he would opt for a hand held mic..I think it’ll enable him to sing clearer..

      1. he sings the chorus fine but I can barely here him during the solo part, doesn’t help that this is mnet and they have the worse mics too. Maybe once the grueling schedule lets up he’ll do better. they’ve been doing concerts and multitrack performances all week but yeah, he needs to sound better during his solo part.

      2. Agreed. It comes off like he’s not even trying. I don’ t know, i’m just surprised that now that he’s got 4 other guys helping him sing he’s doing worse than when he was singing songs all by himself.

    2. I think he just has to dial down on the dancing because he’s hitting those steps much harder than anyone else. Most singers do modify choreo to allow them to breathe and sing better, but YB has never really done that before (don’t know if that’s by conscious choice.) I guess most people want a balance more in favor of vocals? (Not sure if I really want him to do that though since I love the way he’s been dancing. But that’s a personal preference.)

      1. not sure how he’s even able to sing during the chorus, they have him literally jumping up and down. And yeah, he does hit the dance steps hard even during the practice.

    3. I don’t know. I thought the his lines in the chorus were pretty clear. It’s his solo part that’s a problem. But this doesn’t happen every time. I think it depends on how tired he is. And you know how hard he dances the whole song and his solo part is towards the end

  7. Love the performances but everytime GD smashes that guitar, I always wonder if the audience will get hit with the shards or not.

  8. In my opinion, Tonight kinda prove that YB’s voice doesn’t fit much for digital/electronic songs. His voice is too soulful to be drown in loud ass synth and loud back up voice.

    Or maybe I just miss his R&B pieces…… yeah, it’s the latter.

  9. I see that he’s twirling again, XDDDD

    I like the stage and lighting for MNet, but I think I’ll have to see Inkigayo this week to see if I like that one better… They always have nice stages.

    and YB just can’t stop moving to Cafe! LOL!!

    He’s starting to look at the camera too, keep on goin’~~~~

    The boys sounded great in Cafe!

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